Music Theory Made Easy

What will this course give you:

  • Learn the basics of guitar
  • Fundamental of guitar
  • Foundation of music and how it applies to guitar
  • You’ll understand how all notes, scales and progressions fit together.

Course Included:

Music Theory Made Easy: 7 DVDs + 18 Full Band Jam Tracks and Downloadable PDF book

Music Theory Made Easy

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Short details about the course

  • DVD 1

    - The seven, primary notes of music and the musical alphabet (A, B, C, D, E, F, G)
    - All about sharps (#) and flats (b) – how they’re used on the fretboard and in chords and scales
    - The 12 notes of the chromatic scale and how to play it on the 6th string (and once you see this, you’ll understand why 12th fret has two dots)
    - How the same note can be played on multiple strings
    - Octaves – what they are and why they’re important to understanding scales and chords
    - Why the same exact note on the fretboard can have two different names (like F# = Gb), and can be played on different strings
    - What the chromatic, diatonic and pentatonic scales are, and how they’re all related
    - What intervals are, how they come from scales, and how they’re used to create different chords

  • DVD 2

    DVD 2 is all about the Major Scale. Which is the foundation of all the other scales. In this DVD you’ll discover:
    - How to play the major scale on one string using the whole-half step formula
    - The diatonic scale which has 7-notes and how it differs from the pentatonic scale which has 5-notes
    - How to play the major scale in any key, starting on any note, from any place on the fretboard
    - Why some scales use sharps (#) and some have flats (b)
    - How to quickly and easily memorize all the most important key signatures for guitar (and which ones you can ignore)
    - How the major scale can be played in different positions across the fretboard and why…
    - How to play the major scale in closed and spread-finger position (3 notes to a string) so you have total flexibility

  • DVD 3

    In DVD 3 you’ll learn how chords are created by combining different intervals from the scale. And you’ll discover…
    - What makes a chord major, minor or diminished
    - Which seven chords come from the major scale and why
    - How the primary chords use three notes called “triads”
    - And how intervals are the building blocks of all chords

  • DVD 4

    DVD 4 is all about extended chords:
    - Maj7
    - Min7
    - Dominant 7ths
    - 9th
    - 11ths

  • DVD 5

    In DVD 5 you’ll learn the entire CAGED system. Which means you’ll be able to play any major chord in at least five different ways across the fretboard. And this is a total game-changer and is easily worth your entire investment in this course.

  • DVD 6

    In DVD 6 Steve will give you an an in-depth understanding of the 7-modes, how they’re directly related to the major scale and how and when to use them in your next guitar solo.
    - Ionian
    - Dorian
    - Phrygian
    - Lydian
    - Mixolydian
    - Aeolian
    - Locrian

  • DVD 7

    In DVD 7, you’ll take everything you’ve learned and apply it to real-world situations. Because all this new knowledge won’t do you a bit of good if you don’t know how to actually use it.

Bonuses (including these three bonuses valued at $151)

  • Bonus #1: Lifetime Access To Online Customer Support Forum ($97 value)

    Bonus #1 is lifetime access to our customers-only support forum so you can get the help when you need it most. And Steve posts answers to questions personally each week.

  • Bonus #2: Music Theory Made Easy guide book ($27 value)

    You also get the downloadable, 210 pg. Music Theory Made Easy guide book that gives you all the tab and chord diagrams for everything covered in the course. And we can professionally print this book for you and include it in your shipment, if you choose. (You’ll see this option when you check out).

  • Bonus #3: 18 Full Band Jam Tracks ($27 value)

    After all that theory, you might be ready to just kick back and jam. And that’s where these 18, downloadable, full-band jam tracks will come in handy.

List Price: $170.00 | Price: $154.00 | Save:$16.00 (10%)

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