1 Easy Way to Use Arpeggios in a Solo

There are lots of ways to play arpeggios, as long as you play the notes separately. This awesome video from Steve will give you lots of ideas on how to apply arpeggios in any chord when soloing.

This type of soloing is mostly used by lots of guitarists who play a lot of melodic major solos. One of the most notable one is Eric Johnson in his song “Cliffs of Dover”. This lick is basically an Ionian scale running as arpeggio. You can create beautiful solos with this since it is a very versatile lick, means this is one of the most used licks when it comes to soloing in any major scales.

You can notice that this type of arpeggio is different from the others. For this, you can freely do any sequence, use techniques like pull- off and hammer-on, and not following the exact notes of the chords that you’re playing (which is the known concept of arpeggios)

For the skeletal part of the arpeggio, Steve will show you a single arpeggio run that you can use in any major key. Steve used G Major as an example, but you can go any key that you want.

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This skeletal part of the arpeggio is basically just three notes; G, B and D (Root, 3rd and 5th), we’ll just use the higher register (higher octave) for the second part of the root, 3rd and 5th arpeggio.

With these easy licks, you’ll give more color to your solos, without having a hard time of playing fast. You can also add the notes from the Ionian mode to broaden your soloing space.

Just remember to mix it up when using this riff and don’t follow it as it is just like what Steve did here. There are also lots of techniques that you can use to spice it up. Try and experiment until you get the sound that you want!

You can download the complete tab of this lessons for FREE here, plus FREE jam tracks for you to enjoy!