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Get Free Instant Access To Steve Stine’s 3 Must Know Soloing Secrets
So You Can Play Killer Licks And Solos With Scary Speed And Accuracy…

  • B.B. King’s soulful intro to the “Thrill Is Gone” (You won’t believe how impressive you’ll sound playing this blues classic) (Page 3)
  • How to play thrilling guitar solos in any key using the minor pentatonic scale, so you never hit the wrong notes. (Page 2)
  • 1 wicked crawling lick that will “wow” any audience and put your solos light-years ahead of wannabe guitarists (You won’t believe how amazing this lick sounds in the solo Steve breaks down note-for-note) (Page 5)
  • Steve Stine’s proven 2 note per string exercise that makes it easy to fly across the fretboard without getting stuck or “tripping over your fingers.” (Page 2)
  • The must-know rock pattern that’s created thousands of legendary licks you know and love. (Page 6)
  • How to reverse licks to play out-of-the-box solos that sound completely original!
    (You’ll never feel trapped or hesitate soloing again and your creativity will skyrocket) (Page 6)
  • The secret of arpeggios. (Page 7)
  • and much more!

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