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This Offer Expires Monday, November 13

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Special Offer For GuitarZoom Subscribers…

This Is By Far The Best Deal I’ve Ever Offered On These 4 Must-Have Courses…

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Daily Chops Workout

A simple workout plan to build your hand and finger strength, improve your picking speed and accuracy, so you can play guitar with confidence

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Keys to Great Phrasing

Discover easy shortcuts to creating “crowd pleasing” melodies and solos that sing

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Ultimate Guide to Bending

Learn the most important bending techniques every serious guitarist must know

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Goodbye Boring Solos

A step-by-step guide to turning scales into impressive, musical guitar solos that are a thrill to play for your friends and family


We’re sure you’ll love this course like the thousands of others who’ve benefited from it. But If you don’t, simply let us know and we’ll issue you a fast, friendly refund. No questions asked. No receipt required!
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Normal Retail Price: $318.

What You Get Type What You Pay
Daily Chops Workout Online Course $67
Keys to Great Phrasing Online Course $67
Ultimate Guide to Bending Online Course $67
Goodbye Boring Solos Online Course $117
Price $318
You Save $281 (88%)

Deal Price


Because you’re a member of GuitarZoom, you get EVERYTHING for just one payment of $37

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