Just starting out on the guitar? Or maybe you’ve been playing a while, but you only know a couple of chords. Either way, these courses can give your playing a serious boost… FAST.

Steve Stine10 hours

Beginner Guitar Mastery

Learn songs faster with Beginner Guitar Mastery. You’ll master essential chords and scales with easy practice routines. And you’ll get simple exercises that build hand strength. This course gives you a solid foundation on guitar, so you can make progress fast

Steve Stine7 hours

Play Acoustic Now

Play Acoustic Now gives you everything you need to play acoustic guitar in any style. You’ll learn everything, from how to hold the guitar to how to play hot licks and solos. Start playing your acoustic the right way… right now!

Steve Stinex hours

Strumming Made Easy

Play authentic blues licks and solos with All About Blues Licks. You’ll find out how to play 46 killer blues licks. And you’ll master essential techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs, string bends, and slides. After this course, you’ll be able to create smokin’ hot blues solos from scratch… and solo with confidence.

Steve Stine2.5 hours

Chords Made Easy

In Chords Made Easy, Steve Stine is going to show you how to play essential chords the right way. So you can play your favorite songs with confidence, and even write your own songs from scratch. You’ll also get pro tips on building hand strength, so you can play chords with ease.

Steve Stine2 hours

Strumming With Style

Play your favorite songs without hesitating. Strumming With Style gives you essential rhythm techniques, so you can stay in time when you play. You’ll get easy and effective strumming patterns. And some advanced strumming patterns used by legendary bands.