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96 Rock Licks + Just Enough Theory DVD Set

Introducing 96 Rock Licks and Just Enough Theory Bundle. Be The First To Get It. Only 78/100 Left!

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  • 5 critical techniques every guitarist must know: bends, slides, double stops, hammer-ons and pull-offs
  • Discover the pentatonic minor, blues, and hybrid scales, so you’ll get a feel for how rock licks should sound
  • 5 killer rock licks that use these techniques, and tips on how to play them and connect them to other licks
  • The secret whole, half-step formula that makes it easy to play the songs in all 12 keys.
  • The critical difference between major, minor and diminished chords, so you always know what chords sound good together.
  • Plus simple chord progressions that will allow you to play thousands of songs without having to look up tab.


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