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  • How to add creativity to your guitar playing using chord/scale exploration. So you always have something cool to play.
  • A simple way to create chords from any scale. Which means, you’ll be able to play the “right” chord, even if you don’t have tabs or sheet music.
  • Discover why music theory is simply a language musicians use to "speak" to each other, to understand each other and create music
  • Discover the “secret formula” behind essential scales, so you can always find the right note, anywhere on the fretboard.


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Surprise DVD

(For the first 100 guitarists who order)

  • You'll also get a surprise DVD bonus course.
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3-In-1 Tool - String Winder

(For the first 100 guitarists who order)

  • Get a limited edition GuitarZoom 3-In-1 String tool that includes a string winder, bridge pin puller and string cutter. It’s perfect to throw into your guitar case so you can change broken strings quickly and easily.
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10 GuitarZoom Picks

(For the first 100 guitarists who order)

  • You’ll also get 10 limited-edition GuitarZoom picks. They’re durable, comfortable and fit any hand-size.

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