Join Me at the GuitarZoom Community’s Coffee House Event

Hey, everyone, today I want to talk about an awesome event that we hold every Friday on the GuitarZoom Community Facebook group: the CoffeeHouse.

If you want to showcase your skills, then this event is perfect for you. Every week, members of the community post videos of their progress, jams, and the songs they're working on.

To participate in the CoffeeHouse, you need to be a member of the GuitarZoom Community on Facebook. Once you're approved, you can post your own videos and include the hashtag #CoffeeHouse in your post. This makes it easier for other members to find your content and give you feedback.

The CoffeeHouse is an excellent opportunity to get feedback on your playing, connect with other musicians, and share your progress. It's a great way to see what other guitar enthusiasts are up to, and you might even get inspired to learn a new song or technique.

To join the GuitarZoom Community click here or search for it on Facebook and request to join the group. Once you're approved, you can access all the posts made by other members of the community, participate in challenges, workshops, and more.

I can't wait to see what you all come up with!