Chords are the basis of all songwriting. You can do a lot on the guitar with just a handful of chords… but the more chords you know, the more options you have. These courses can boost your chord arsenal… FAST.

Steve Stine2.5 hours

CAGED Made Simple

Turn 5 chords into 60 with CAGED Made Simple. This course shows you how to master the fretboard with 5 basic chord shapes. You’ll combine these chords with the pentatonic scale to create awesome licks. This course will skyrocket both your rhythm and lead playing.

Steve Stine2 hours

Triple Your Chords in 7 Days

More chords means more options when you play. In Triple Your Chords In 7 Days, Steve Stine shows you how a little music theory can skyrocket your chord vocabulary. Your playing and songwriting will get a serious boost from this course.

Steve Stine2.5 hours

Chords Made Easy

In Chords Made Easy, Steve Stine is going to show you how to play essential chords the right way. So you can play your favorite songs with confidence, and even write your own songs from scratch. You'll also get pro tips on building hand strength, so you can play chords with ease.

Steve Stine5.5 hours

Song Secrets

Unlock the secrets of pro songwriters with this course. Song Secrets is going to show you common chord progressions that are used in all styles of music. So you can learn songs by ear and create your own awesome songs from scratch.

Steve Stine1.5+ hours

Beginner's Guide To Open Chords

Master 10 essential open chords used in all styles of music. You’ll get tips on how to make these chords comfortably, so you can sound awesome without straining your fingers. Plus, Steve’s going to show you how to change chords with ease, so you can start playing your favorite songs right away.

Steve Stine1.5 mins

Barre Chords Made Easy

Discover how to play 12 essential barre chords across the fretboard without hitting any wrong notes. Not only does Barre Chords Made Easy give you more chord options to play your favorite songs, it also provides you with an effective system that applies just as easily to soloing.

Steve Stine15 hours

Play Guitar for Life

A 50-Module All-In-One Course Covering Fundamentals, Chords, Theory, Blues And Soloing From The World's Most Sought After Guitar Instructor, Steve Stine™