Ultimate Guide to String Bending


Ultimate Guide To String Bending is one of the most expressive and one of the most important elements of guitar soloing. This course will let you understand why string bending is musically essential (yes it sounds great, but why?)

And what adding a ‘vocal element’ to your playing means and how to use string bending to make your guitar ‘sing’.

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Your complete guide on how to bend with the ease and precise control of a pro in fast and easy steps that even a guitar newbie can master.

You’ll learn what ‘String Gauge’ and ‘String Height’ means and how to get the perfect string set-up for you so you can start bending with maximum ease and comfort. You’ll also learn how to play a simple bend and how to use the ‘Door Knob’ technique to power-up your bends so they don’t sound flimsy of out-of-tune.

Steve will also explore a variety of bending techniques from Double Stop and Repetitive bends to more intense styles like 3 Fret bending and Stevie Ray Vaughan style multi-string bends.

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Here is what you get:

A members-only website with with over 2- hours of focused, step-by-step video training.

Bonus #3:

Full Downloadable PDF Tab Transcription

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Course Progress Tracker

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Lifetime Access To Private Facebook Group

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