Real World Soloing


Learn the skills and technique to play a musical guitar solo over any song, in any style. And help your self to solo your favorite songs in half the time.

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Once the basics of lead guitar playing such as scales and arpeggios have been covered, inquisitive minds would ask things like “How do I solo over a rock song?” People can go on asking things about soloing over metal, pop, country, blues, or what have you.

Or a deeper question might be when do we solo from a logical, music theory perspective or when do we solo by pure “feel” alone? Such questions are answered by none other that Steve Stine in his course called “Real World Soloing”. This course provides all what you need to approach songs ranging from a piece of music with a logical chord progression to songs with chords that don’t make sense yet sound really good.

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Full Online access to all videos – optimized to play on mobile devices

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Full Downloadable PDF Tab Transcription

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