Solofire Guitar


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Discover how to create solos and master playing lead guitar in Blues & Rock

Learn all the must-know solo skills, transposition, secrets to gliding, and play all the most important scales including major, minor, pentatonic and bluess.

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What is it exactly that goes on the mind of a lead guitarist whenever he/she is confronted with a particular song or a chord progression?

How does one decide what sort of notes to play over any chord progression? Such questions and more are the focus of Steve Stine’s “Solofire”. This course answers the basic yet profound question “How do you perform/write a guitar solo?” Ranging from basic discussions like scales and fretboard movement to more advanced concepts like phrasing and crafting the entire solo, each topic in “Solofire” is designed to give you tools to develop mind-blowing guitar solos regardless of style or genre.

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