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Do you want to perfectly mimic Eric Clapton’s creamy solos? Worry no more. This lesson will definitely give you the backbone or Eric Clapton’s playing style the fastest and the easiest way.

We all know that Eric Clapton is one of the most influential guitarists of this era. His soulful solos and beautiful chord transitions are definitely some of the skills to look out for when mastering the guitar. From Cream days until the years of his solo career, he never fails to amaze guitar and music aficionados with his art. Surely, he is one of the most passionate guitar players I’ve ever seen.

Eric Clapton Style Blues Lick

In this Rockin’ Riffs Reviews, I want to show you a bit about how to play blues guitar like Eric Clapton by utilizing the minor pentatonic scale.

Anyone that truly desires to play like this blues guitar legend, will no doubt have to learn the Minor Pentatonic scale. This scale is the backbone to Slowhand’s legendary electric blues guitar style.

Below is the first pattern of the minor pentatonic scale in the key of A.

Eric Clapton RRR Tab

Clapton uses this scale extensively to play many of his blues guitar solos, and by adding a few elements of his style to your playing, you will be on your way to playing guitar just like Slowhand.

So what does he do to make this scale sound so good? Well there are 3 things you can add to your playing that will help you to sound more like Clapton.

  1. Use triplets if you listen to him enough, you will know that Clapton uses triplets extensive in his playing. Triplets are where you play 3 notes per beat. From his early days with Cream, to his modern day solo style, Clapton will often throw in a barrage of notes that are grouped as triplets.
  2. Accent Notes – to truly mimic his style, another thing you can add to your playing, is accenting notes with the pick. This requires you to hold the pick a little tighter than normal and really “dig in” to the note. Combine this with triplets and you will definitely start sounding like the master.
  3. Heavy Vibrato – There’s no doubting that his vibrato is truly awesome! This is a big aspect of his style and what makes his solos take on a more vocal type quality. You will need to start practicing your blues vibrato every day to get it to sound like his. He also moves his whole hand up and down which results in a different sound than moving your wrist back and forth. I use this type of vibrato extensively in my playing as well.

Simply mastering the pentatonic scale will help you learn Clapton’s style of playing easily. Just learn the basics and keep practicing, then add your own feel to it. Also, try learning different finger picking techniques and lots of guitar soloing styles like pull offs, hammer-ons and string bending.

See you next week for another awesome RRR! In the meantime, you can visit our previous Rockin’ Riffs Reviews here

See you next week for another awesome RRR! In the meantime, you can visit our previous Rockin’ Riffs Reviews with Yngwie Malmsteen and Eric Johnson. Send us a shoutout on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #GZRockinRiffs if you want to suggest a musician to feature!