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Introducing Casey Smith's...

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The Fast and Easy Guide To Mastering Pentatonics For Guitar That Allows You To Play Killer Solos Of Your Own Style And Become The Lead Guitarist You've Always Dreamed Of - Even If You Don't Know What Pentatonic Means

Dear Fellow Guitar Lover,

If you've ever wanted to crank out mind-blowing solos of your own unique style but never got the hang of it, then you need to read the next few lines like your life depended on it…

"When I look for what I'm going to listen to I go backwards. I'm always going the other way you see. Most people are trying to figure out ‘how do I get in the fast lane going that way?'. I'm going in the other direction. I wanna find the oldest thing to do." - Eric Clapton

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Really have a think about these words as you read the rest of this letter because they are the key to your success.


Because armed with this knowledge and the Power Pentatonic skills you'll learn in this guide, you can crank out your first killer guitar solo in one short afternoon.

First, let me talk about why you've probably approaching lead guitar the completely wrong way...Then we'll get to the good stuff.

Deal? Cool.

There's nothing worse than being asked to play a solo...and not knowing how.

If you play in a band or jam with friends a lot then you'll know what I'm talking about...

Everyone expects the guitarist to have at least some decent soloing skills, and if you don't...Well, I've seen those looks of contempt, pity and amusement before. It's not pretty.

What most people do is learn a couple of scales and start shredding as fast as possible.

Believe it or not, that's not the best way to learn how to solo properly. In fact, trying to skip ahead isn't the proper way to do anything.

And that's the problem 90% of aspiring lead guitarists run into. They either try copying solos of the songs they like (usually making a mess, I know, I've been there), OR, they turn to YouTube and try to absorb a dizzying amount of information online. As you probably know, that rarely works.

You're not always going to "get it" right away. You're probably not even going to get it right after trying a hundred ways (if they're wrong).

I remember when I first tried soloing, no matter how many hours I pumped into practicing, it just didn't work.

There's nothing worse than picking up your guitar and try to play something you know and love...only find that 2 minutes into the song your back is aching, muscles are tense and you're feeling bored and frustrated because you know you're doing something wrong but you just don't know what it is!

It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or have been playing guitar for over 25 years.

It's a confidence crusher.
What you need to realize is that you can't cling onto these problems hoping that one day you'll just magically get through it.

Fact is, if it doesn't work, it doesn't work.

It's very hard to get past the "wall" in your learning if you don't have the proper approach.

What's worse is most of the time you won't even know what critical bit of technique or information you're missing.

It's not your fault...It's your approach that's wrong.

Spending a whole heap of time (and essentially, your life!) on the wrong method will only set you up for failure.

Here's What You Can Do

My buddy Casey Smith, who's known in the guitar community for his quirky attitude and killer guitar and teaching skills, decided to take his more than 15 years of experience in playing and teaching guitar to make a short course aimed specifically at teaching people how to play mind-blowing solos fast and easy using simple Pentatonic principles.

The outcome was this...

Instead of banging your head on trying to piece together bits and pieces of soloing ideas yourself, Casey's got a whole bunch of soloing and riffing concepts for guitar that's tried, tested...and works.

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How does this stuff work?

The truth is, Casey didn't invent this stuff. The Pentatonic scale is something than any lead guitarist worth his salt knows how to play and how to play well.

Guys like Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, Pink Floyd have all heavily relied on the Pentatonic scale as the meat and potatoes of their solos.

You might already know the Pentatonic scale yourself...but that's not enough.

Playing boring scales isn't a solo. Knowing what to play and went to play it, being able to feel out a solo is the key.

What Casey does is take these concepts and goes into painstaking detail to break down and make it really simple and easy for you to pick up and learn.

Casey is a natural-born teacher and has a knack of making learning guitar fun and super easy.

You have to know a whole bunch of scales and theory to play a killer solo…Right?


Master these Pentatonic concepts and you'll be able to solo on the fly.

You won't need to going hunting online for different videos, it's not going to help anyway, because this is simply this best collection of Pentatonic concepts, tricks and techniques you'll find anywhere in the world (you can try if you don't believe me). Casey has gathered all his experience as a professional guitarist and teacher and has taken the time to piece together all the different problems related to Pentatonic soloing to create an all-in-one course with all you need to start playing solos like a pro.

Basically, if you follow this tried and true method then this is what you can expect:
  • Breathe life into your solos - no more boring scales
  • Feel the "buzz" of playing an amazing solo - everything you learn here will take you one step closer to cranking out epic solos of your own style
  • Get the girls - Megan Fox herself has declared that nothing turns her on more than a rockin' lead guitarist
  • Become a member of the lead guitarist family
  • Free your mind to a world of possibilities and really, really cool solos

Here's A Quick Preview Video Of What You'll Find In This Course

Here's Just A Few Of The Things You Will Learn...

Basics, Exercises and Techniques

  • Essential warm-up exercises to keep your fingers strong and springy so you're ready to solo anywhere, anytime
  • 4 must-know techniques any lead guitarist should be familiar with
  • Quick, laser-focused review over guitar anatomy, what each string is and how they work together
  • How to properly bend your fingers so that they're always quick and pin-point accurate while you solo
  • The #1 rookie mistake when it comes to finger placement and posture
  • How to get the best sound out of your guitar using proper fretting and finger placement
  • One fast and super effective exercise to work on your alternate picking and hand co-ordination
  • Must-know palm-muting technique to keep your solos clean and crisp
  • How to avoid making excessive noise when you play (the buzzing can get real annoying)
  • The one and only way to get FAST and start playing slick, smooth solos
  • One huge no-no to AVOID when you start practicing picking and scales
  • Hammer-on and Pull-off basics so you can spice up your playing
  • 2 easy tricks to make your pull-offs clean and more powerful without hitting nearby strings and making a mess
  • Fast and easy exercise to work on your slides to keep the sleek and accurate
  • How to keep your bends from looking and sounding awkward (it feels awkward too)


  • Why the Pentatonic Scale is so popular among all professional guitarists (name your favorite guitarists, he's probably used it)
  • Why the Pentatonic Scale is the perfect starting point for any aspiring lead guitarist
  • What makes the Pentatonic Scale so easy to pick up and play
  • The 5 notes that build up the Minor Pentatonic scale
  • How to build the Minor Pentatonic shape on the fretboard
  • How to play the Major Pentatonic Scale using the same shape as the Minor Pentatonic (it's really really simple)
  • One visualization technique for these scale shapes you can use so they're embedded into your brain and will come naturally to you
  • Examples of Minor and Major Pentatonic Scales
  • What types of tunes you can play Pentatonic solos over (styles like Jimmi Hendrix, AD/DC, Pink Floyd)

Pentatonic Scales in Five Positions

  • 5 positions of the Pentatonic Scale so you're not just stuck on one area of the fretboard
  • How to visualize each position and how they link together so you can learn them twice as fast (diagrams included)
  • How to move the each position flawlessly so you don't end up sounding awkward or clunky
  • 2 awesome practice exercises to help you familiarize with each position quick and easy
  • How to find the most comfortable finger positions for YOU
  • One trick to help you see your fretboard in a brand-new way so you'll always know where you are and where you want to go next
  • How to find the same positions in different parts of the fretboard (we're talking about Octaves)
  • How to play solos in ANY key using the SAME positions

Practicing Patterns and Groups

  • How to play the Broken Thirds pattern so you're not just playing up and down the scales over and over
  • How to use the "Roll" technique to move through notes nice and quick on your left hand
  • How to take the exercises you learn and apply them into your improv and solos
  • The "Groups of 3" exercise to help you solidify your shapes and patterns ad build up more lick and riff ideas
  • The "Groups of 4" exercise
  • How to add slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs to these exercises to mimic real solos
  • One fun little exercise to help you with seeing the Pentatonic shapes on just 2 strings (they make nice little licks too)

Moving Between Positions

  • How to move through the Pentatonic positions smoothly and fluidly
  • One killer exercise to help you switch positions on the fly without overthinking
  • How to slide to different positions on ANY string ANY time

Using Scales and Movement in Playing Situations

  • How to apply the Pentatonic scales and patterns to real-world situations so you can pick up and start playing a solo on demand (instead of panicking)
  • How to jam over the 12-bar Blues progression (the I-IV-V)
  • How to find the relative minor in any key so it's easier to visualize and play
  • Why you can basically play the same riff and patterns over any part of the fretboard to create fresh new sounds
  • One trick to help you adjust your licks and riff according to whether you're playing major or minor (and develop better ears)
  • Major Pentatonics vs. Minor Pentatonics
  • How to combine Minor and Major Pentatonic ideas and plau them at the SAME time
  • Fast and easy exercises to help you mix and match Major and Minor Pentatonic ideas in your licks and solos

12-Bar Blues

  • 8 white-hot licks for you to try out and make your own
  • How to use Major and Minor Pentatonic ideas to create licks of your own
  • Why you'll never develop your own style without experimenting with what you learn

Using Musical Ideas Over The 12-Bar Blues

  • How to make your solos more interesting by applying the 8 licks you've learned instead of just playing the normal Pentatonic scale
  • Why it's better to spice things up by trying to play in different parts of the bar rather than always on beat one
  • How to get a completely different flavor just by adding a single note out of the major or minor scale you're playing
  • Smokin' hot lick and improv ideas to help you develop your own solos of your own style

Jamming Over Blues In E

  • How to solo over the key of E (another very popular key for guitarists)
  • Why all notes, patterns and shapes remain the same even if you've never played in this key before
  • One big thing to look out for if you're using fret markers a lot
  • A sample solo that goes over an E and A progression
  • What a Minor pentatonic idea sounds like over a Major chord progression and why it could work wonders
  • Practice ideas to help you get there faster

Jamming Over Blues In A

  • How to solo over the key of A (a faster track with more beats)
  • A sample solo that's a bit faster and more rockin'
  • More ideas for practice so you'll know exactly what to do everyday and get good FAST

Jamming Over 12-Bar Blues

  • How to solo over the 12-Bar Blues
  • A sample solo with a sweet Bluesy feel
  • Detailed breakdown of the 12-bar blues so you know exactly where you are and where to go

4 Sample Blues Solos and Analysis

  • 4 awesome solos done by Casey himself with fretboard close-ups
  • Complete breakdown of the solos so you can follow closely and learn them for yourself

3 Sample Rock Solos and Analysis

  • 3 killer solos done by Casey himself with fretboard close-ups
  • Complete breakdown of the solos so you can follow closely and learn them for yourself

2 Sample Ballad Solos and Analysis

  • 2 sweet solos done by Casey himself with fretboard close-ups
  • Complete breakdown of the solos so you can follow closely and learn them for yourself

Here's More About Casey

Casey Smith has played with many artists out of the Minneapolis scene across the country and around the world including Jesse Langseth, former American idol top 13 contestant and sibling to national recording artist Johnny Lang, Tim Mahoney, Scarlet Haze and Courtney Yasmineh.

Look For him now playing with Kat Perkins of NBC's The Voice, Dirty Word, The S.O.B.s and others as well as producing, engineering and mixing @ KnottBrite Studio and teaching guitar in the South Minneapolis area..

Here's What You Get

Unlimited Access to Casey Smith's "Ultimate Power Pentatonics For Guitar" Course (Valued At $97)

Complete unlimited lifetime access to the online course of Casey Smith's "Ultimate Power Pentatonics For Guitar" with tons of focused, step-by-step video training, shot with HD camera and fretboard close-ups (valued $97)

Here's What This Will Do For You

  • You'll be able to grab your guitar and play eye-popping licks that will transform your solo's into a musical beast that will grab at the audience and won't let go
  • You'll understand the fundamentals of Major and Minor Pentatonic styles and techniques of Guitar legends like Jimi Hendrix and John Petrucci and how to apply them to your playing immediately
  • You'll be able to get up and play with other musicians with confidence
  • You'll be able to crank out wicked, soul-inspiring solo's and start moving away from simple scales and patterns
  • You'll understand what you're playing, and why it works.
  • You'll see the fretboard in a whole new way.
  • You'll approach soloing with a new perspective.
  • You'll have a new sense of freedom
  • You'll be a better overall musician because you'll master the techniques, styles, devices and tricks that are needed to master all 36 bends
  • You'll expand your knowledge of the fretboard and how to bend in different areas of the guitar
  • You'll discover the endless possibilities at your fingertips whenever you pick up your guitar.
  • The stuff you've been scratching your head about for years will finally make sense!

And just to make it a 'no-brainer' for you... You'll Also Get These Bonuses....
(Total Bonus Value $186)

Fast Action Bonus #1: David Gilmour Style Blues Soloing By Steve Stine ($27 Value)

If you're one of the first 100 you'll be getting full, unlimited access to another of Steve's short courses.

This awesome course that breaks down some of the coolest solo's by Pink Floyd's David Gilmour so you can learn what makes a legend and pick up a trick or two.

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Fast Action Bonus #2: Electric Blues Bend Licks By Steve Stine ($27 Value)

And if you order before . You also get another killer short course by Steve on how to play some sweet electric blues bend licks.

Here's what you'll learn:
  • One trick to helping you play "Reverse Bend" licks more effectively
  • How to create a cool dropping sound using "Pre-Bending"
  • How to make a wild, messy feeling using "Harmony Bends"
  • How to use the "Chord Chasing" technique to play in different situations so you always know what you're going to do next
  • How to get different sounds from your bending with a little trick with the strings
  • One small adjustment with your fingering when play Chuck Berry style licks to get a clearer sound
  • How to connect all the pieces together for effective bending while you're jamming
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Bonus #1: Power Patterns For Guitar by Steve Stine ($35 Value)

Get ready for some impressive, blood-pumping riffs to add to your list with all the tricks and techniques you need to learn them quickly and easily so you can start cranking out wicked riffs in no time.

This bonus course will be guiding you step-by-step on the process of breaking down and building up riffs that will give you that extra bit of freedom in your solo's to make every jam or practice session a blast.

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Bonus #2: Rapid Fire Rock Licks ($35 Value)

It may sound unbelievable but it is possible to revolutionize the way you look at your fretboard and perform a solo by mastering a few important licks.

This is what Steve Stine's "Rapid Fire Rock Licks" is all about. Designed for the more seasoned player, "Rapid Fire Rock Licks" discusses three licks based on the pentatonic and blues scales that will allow any player to have better topography over the fretboard.

The kind of instruction this course provides will equip any player with the skills needed to play fast. With the right practice regimen, patience, and these Rapid Fire Rock Licks, shredding effectively is within reach.

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Bonus #3: Simple Crawling Lick By Steve Stine ($27 Value)

Finally, in this bonus Steve shows you a really cool "crawling" lick that allows your to move up and down the fretboard through the pentatonic scale. This will help you break out of the box shapes and give you a cool lick to use in your solos.

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Bonus #4: Full Downloadable PDF Tab Transcription ($35 Value)

You'll receive the complete, tab transcription in downloadable PDF format for all courses so you can easily follow along and you'll never get lost.

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Bonus #5: Lifetime Access To Private Facebook Group

24/7 access to our GuitarZoom community Facebook Group where there's tons of guitarists who are ready and willing to help you in any way they can so you won't be trying the learn guitar all by yourself.

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Now it doesn't get any more fair than that.

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Four Important Reminders:

  1. You can't get better if you keep doing the same things over and over. This training will force you to get better. You will be way outside your comfort zone… and that's when you make big breakthroughs in your playing. You don't make big-progress by "noodling" around. So, jump on board and sign up now!
  2. This is the ONLY course that builds a complete set of skills of Pentatonic Guitar Mastery from the ground up on the planet... you won't find this masterclass available anywhere else, at any price. You can only get it here on this page. And when it's gone… it's gone!
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Most people only ever talk about becoming better at guitar and hardly any of them EVER end up doing anything about it.

Whatever initial dream that had when they first picked up a guitar, it's gone and all those hopes and aspirations fade and pile up on the bottom of the dusty floor, packed away like a guitar in its case under the bed, forgotten.

YOU have a chance right now to separate yourself from those wannabe's. Not only do you have a complete A-Z guide with everything your need to start playing awesome guitar solo's from an instructor who not only knows his stuff, but knows how to teach them.

You also get a whole bunch blood-pumping riffs and solos from Casey to add to your list and exclusive access to some of Steve Stine's most popular training videos that only members have access to as a bonus.

Think of how many opportunities you've missed out on before. Imagine how good you would be right now if you had only taken those chances. Don't let it happen again. This is THAT moment in your life where you wake up and start DOING things.

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