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3 Must Know Rock Rhythms
So You Can Strum And Play Hit Rock Songs With Confidence

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Inside this PDF Playing Guide And Video, You’ll Discover:

  • 2 strumming techniques every guitarist must know, down strumming every beat (rock strumming) and down/up strumming (0:20)
  • 1 secret to quickly smooth out the rhythm when you’re playing songs. (0:32)
  • An offbeat rock rhythm that gets folks grooving (0:46)
  • 1 simple trick that instantly makes chords easier to play and 3x more powerful. (1:14)
  • Why you should focus on the groove more than the strings that you’re picking. (1:44)
  • 1 easy way to keep your strumming tight and controlled. (1:51)
  • 1 critical rock rhythm to help you avoid “boring” strumming patterns. (2:04)
  • How to lock into the offbeat and never strum a chord at the wrong time again. (2:42)
  • What does upbeat and downbeat even mean? The answer may shock you. (3:20)
  • A simple and effective strumming exercise to always play in time. (3:35)
  • What can a caveman teach you that’s essential to playing rock and roll? (3:59)
  • A chunky rhythm used by AC/DC and Led Zeppelin that made them legends of rock and roll. (4:16)
  • The Eagles strum that instantly smooths out sloppy strumming. (6:14)
  • How skipping down strums can massively improve your rhythm playing. (7:13)
  • 3 simple tweaks to unlock your rhythm skills and play dozens more songs overnight. (9:33)
  • 1 weird exercise to double your picking speed and play songs the whole way through without getting tired. (10:41)
  • 1 crazy double time strum that’s sure to impress your audience every time you use it. (11:02)
  • A quick and easy way to understand quarter notes, eighth notes and sixteenth notes. What they are and how to use them in you guitar playing. (11:54)
  • How to palm mute your strings to thicken up your sound. (14:57)
  • Steve’s favorite rock rhythm that will “wow” your friends and family. (15:36)

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