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Guitar Soloing Cheat Sheet

Get Instant Access To Steve Stine’s
Guitar Soloing Pocket Bible
So You Can Solo With Confidence
Over Your Favorite Songs In Any Style

  • Steve Stine’s simple real world soloing chart that takes the guesswork out of what scales to play for your rock, metal, folk, punk, country and blues solos. (Page 2)
  • B.B. King’s soulful intro to the “Thrill Is Gone” (You won’t believe how impressive you’ll sound playing this blues classic) (Page 3)
  • How to play soul-stirring blues solos using the minor pentatonic scale, so you never hit the wrong notes. (Page 3)
  • Eric Clapton’s “secret sauce” major blues riff from “Before You Accuse Me.” (Page 4)
  • Very simple scale changes to triple your soloing options overnight! (You’ll never feel trapped or hesitate soloing again and your creativity will skyrocket) (Page 5)
  • The secret scale used by grizzled bluesman to play thrilling out-of-the-box licks that will astonish your audience. (Page 5)
  • Love rock and roll? This must-know blues pattern creates fist-pumping rock solos. (Page 5)
  • The one rock and roll song that every serious guitarist must know (Page 6)
  • How to play in-your-face punk solos over the Sex Pistol’s hit song “Holidays in the Sun” (Page 7)
  • Need more cowbell? You will when you play “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult (Page 8)
  • 1 critical minor scale to unlock Megadeth’s shredtastic solo in “Tornado of Souls.” (Page 9)
  • 2 head-turning exotic scales that will add magnetic appeal to any “boring” guitar solo. (Page 10)
  • An inside look at David Gilmour’s legendary solo for “Wish You Were Here.” (Page 11)
  • Learn the shortcut secrets to James Taylor’s hit “Fire and Rain” and Hank Williams’ “Hey, Good Lookin”
  • and much more!

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