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Blues Jumpstart Pack

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Triple the Number of Chords And Songs You Can Play With These 5 Courses

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  • How to play a simple 12-bar blues so you can start playing “authentic” blues fast!
  • 3 critical blues rhythms -- shuffle, straight and swing -- and how to play them all, so you can jam with anyone, anytime. Plus, a complete breakdown of the most critical blues strumming patterns...
  • How to turn scales into head-snapping solos. Which means, you won’t sound like every other wannabe trying to play the blues.
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  • How to set up your guitar for slide playing, which strings you needs, choosing the right slide and picks for you, and a whole lot more…
  • 3 essential licks to add to your slide vocabulary: “Dust My Broom,” “Shake Your Moneymaker,” and a signature Duane Allman “pull back” lick. So you can play them with confidence.
  • 17 awesome slide licks in standard tuning. So you can start building an arsenal of slide licks to use on-demand.
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  • Get 10 blues jam tracks to practice blues rhythms and soloing.
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  • 3 essential soloing skills every blues guitarist MUST know: hammer-ons, pull-offs, and trills. And how to perform them the “right” way, so your solos sound authentic from beginning to end.
  • A smokin’ hot blues lick in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan. And how to use this legendary bluesman’s techniques in your own playing.
  • Essential blues turnarounds, so you can play a complete blues progression from beginning to end.
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  • How to play acoustic blues guitar in the style of Robert Johnson, Mississippi John Hurt and other legends, including the right way to hold your guitar, what type of fingerpicks to use, and how to play using a capo.
  • 1 ragtime blues song in the style of Gary Davis. Plus tips for creating variations and improvising.
  • An easy way to play a “walking bass line.” And how to strum along with your fingers to create rhythm.

Blues Jumpstart Pack

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