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The Soloing Jumpstart Pack

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Jumpstart Your Guitar Solos With These Best-of-the-Best Courses

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  • The secret of “chord chasing” that lets you solo over songs in any key (even if you don’t know music theory)
  • How to use the “CAGED” system to connect chords and scales, so you can solo with true freedom across the fretboard
  • 1 easy way to shock a dead audience into listening to every “hair-raising” note you play.
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  • How to use chords you already know to create sparkling arpeggio licks for your solos
  • A must know tip to avoid getting stuck in first position (It’s simple but most guitarists can’t do it)
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  • How to use Steve Stine’s proven Scale Choice Chart to instantly pick the right scale for your solo.
  • The crucial difference between major and minor pentatonic guitar solos.
  • How to solo in 4 styles: pop in the key of G, funky blues in the key of C, rock in the key of A minor, and metal in the key of E minor. So you can solo in any style, or change the style of a solo whenever you want.
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  • Easy ways to control the "width" and the "speed" of your vibrato. So you can add a variety of new sounds to your solos.
  • How to play good, solid vibrato with all 4 fingers, so you can use it anywhere across the fretboard, any time you want
  • Vibrato styles of legendary guitarists like BB King and Eric Clapton. So you can add their unique style to your own playing.

The Soloing Jumpstart Pack

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Normal Retail Price: $180 | Price $37 | Save 85%

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