Soloing Archive

This is where I’ll break down advanced soloing techniques, as well as more advanced music theory about scales and modes. We’ll also take a look at the playing style of famous guitarists, and I’ll show you some licks and tricks that will take your solos over the top.


When you’re learning to play the guitar, you usually start off with a few chords. After that, you learn a few more, and after that, you might learn a scale or two. The process is different for everybody, of course, but in the beginning, what you learn about the guitar involves a lot of memorization.


This is one of the most common questions I get as a guitar teacher: “Why do my solos sound like I’m just playing scales?” It’s usually because when people practice guitar, they usually focus on scales. They memorize scale patterns, train their fingers to play scales up and down the fretboard backwards and forwards, and