How to Play Amazing Guitar Solos In 5 Easy Steps

Play guitar solos like never before

Ever started a guitar solo, looked down at your fretboard and felt CONFUSED?

Me too 🙂

It’s exactly on these days that I need my soloing skills the most!

If we haven’t met before, I’m Steve Stine – Featured Guitar World columnist and Guitar Guide at

And today I’m going to show you how to play amazing guitar solos over any song, without any complicated theory!

This is your secret weapon for amazing guitar solos

Have you ALWAYS wanted to learn inside soloing tips and tricks, while discovering what skills pro guitarists can’t live without?

Follow the easy steps in the video and transform your guitar solos from bland and boring to soulful and Awesome!

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Here’s a recap of my video…

Mastering your fretboard AND soloing is a breeze when you know HOW.

Imagine owning just FIVE easy courses that will help you play AWESOME guitar solos without having to take years of music theory or expensive lessons from a “bad” guitar instructor.

Here’s how to play guitar solos like a pro…

Step 1 - Unlocking the fretboard connection

Mastering your fretboard is an essential step. So I’m sharing with you the system that I have used with every single guitarist I’ve taught over the last 27 years – Unlocking the Fretboard – and it’s going to rock your world!

Unlocking the Fretboard

Why Unlocking the Fretboard Connection ROCKS

Unlocking the Fretboard Connection helps you connect the dots to achieve fretboard mastery (and improvise confidently), using pentatonic and diatonic scales.

PLUS, it helps you move smoothly through every playing position and gets you ready to solo over any song.

It’s easy enough for guitarists of all skill levels. And I thank my students for inspiring me to show them “how to get unstuck” and navigate the fretboard without any hesitation.

If you’re serious about soloing, then you need Unlocking the Fretboard Connection in your life.

I start by introducing you to the five minor and major pentatonic shapes and help you master all the positions. Then I’ll show you how to expand those pentatonic scales to create the diatonic scale.

So you can solo with freedom and confidence in any key.

Step 2 - Keys to great phrasing

Ever had the problem where your guitar solos sound like scales? NOT a good feeling!

Keys to Great Phrasing is the solution to your problem. If you want your solos to sound melodic and authentic (never boring or repetitive), then you’ll DIG this course.

Guitar Phrasing - Steve Stine Live

Why Keys to Great Phrasing ROCKS

This course shows you how to create catchy melodies, using easy techniques that will transform your guitar playing forever.

Keys to Great Phrasing will help you move beyond scales to create vocal lines that scream and sing. And once you master phrasing, the sky’s the limit – you’ll be amazed at how much better your solos sound.

Step 3 - 36 rock licks

36 Rock Licks is my best “cheat” for sizzling guitar solos (when you don’t have a lot of time to practice) for any performance.

It’s great for when you want your solos to sing, or hate the thought of messing up. It gives your solos that “wow” factor that sounds like it took you years worth of practice.

I love to use these rock licks instead of just noodling around and keep them in my playing arsenal for whenever I’m out jamming!

jamming rock licks

Why 36 Rock Licks ROCKS

The magic of 36 Rock Licks is that it allows your guitar playing to shine, while adding catchy licks that take your solos to the next level!

It covers must-know licks and techniques like bending, slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs and vibrato. PLUS secret tips and tricks the pros use to play musical guitar solos from start to finish. They are YOUR solos, only amazing sounding ?

36 Rock Licks is a quick and easy solution to spice up your guitar solos and an alternative to spending hours finding awesome licks to learn on your own.

And if you’ve always wanted to become a songwriter, then use 36 Rock Licks as a guide to create the HOTTEST licks of your life.

Transpose licks as shown below and play them anywhere on your fretboard.

Step 4 - Killer rock patterns

Don’t have the time or money to take years worth of guitar lessons? You’re not alone. This is how I cheat my solos into sounding smokin’ hot and creative!

Killer Rock Patterns adds style and intensity to your licks and solos.

style and intensity, licks and solos

Why Killer Rock Patterns ROCKS

Killer Rock Patterns is mind-blowing licks and solos – made easy!

This awesome guide helps your guitar playing stand out, meaning your solos will sound ORIGINAL and much more impressive. It works perfectly for building your technique and confidence – the choice is yours.

You’ll discover how to use licks to create patterns that can be played anywhere on the fretboard. So you always have something HOT to play…

Take a look at the pattern I’m playing below. Imagine how awesome it will feel when you play it LIVE for the first time!

Step 5 - Ultimate practice routine

The finishing touch to any guitar solo is to find ways to make it even better, and that’s exactly what you can do with Ultimate Practice Routine.

It helps you build essential skills like speed, dexterity, rhythm and picking technique (in just minutes a day!).

So you can keep progressing without wasting your time or having to unlearn any bad habits.

keep progressing without wasting your time

Why Ultimate Practice Routine ROCKS

This practice routine works for guitarists of all skill levels!

I’ve included it because the four core paths, when applied to what I’ve shared in this playing guide, will help you get better at soloing each day and finally reach your potential.

Here’s a look at one exercise I recommend you play through every day.

I hope I’ve helped you play amazing guitar solos… Thanks for watching.

Stay awesome,

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