How to Play Jingle Bell Rock

Tab is available on the link below:Download tab here

Here at GuitarZoom we’re all about giving.

And since Christmas will be here soon I thought I’d share a video lesson breaking down one of my all time favorite songs to play for family and friends who want me to get my guitar out during the holidays—Jingle Bell Rock.

Check out this video where I show you how to play each rhythm and lead part, as well as give you tips on strumming patterns, bends and other essential techniques to play it smoothly…

Now, what’s great about this Christmas tune is that you can play along with any of the recorded versions—my favorite is Hall & Oates—or it works as an awesome solo piece to build your guitar chops and impress family and friends.

So if you’re ready to rock out for Christmas and bring some smile, go ahead and give this classic tune a try.

Thank you for making our worldwide community of guitar players possible. And I look forward to bringing you awesome new content and courses in the new year.