Interview with Michael Schenker

Michael Schenker’s guitar playing legacy spans decades. As a teenager in Germany, with his brother Rudy, he rose to fame playing guitar in Scorpions. After Scorpions opened up for UK band UFO, he was offered the lead guitar position and toured and recorded with UFO until 1978.

In the early 80’s he started his own band called the Michael Schenker Group (also known as MSG). After a few albums, he joined singer Robin McCauley and they put out three albums in the late 80’s under McCauley Schenker Group.

Since the early 90’s, he has occasionally played with UFO, as well as many different lineups of his own group. Now, his new band, Temple Of Rock, has reunited him with former Scorpions bandmates Herman Rarebell and Francis Buchholz.

His playing style has influenced rock and metal players for generations. His tone is frequently touted as the best ever. He’s mastered the art of not only playing fast, but putting soul into his music. Perhaps that’s why “Into The Arena” is one of the most famous instrumentals of both rock and metal genres.

In this exclusive interview, Michael talks about his new band Temple of Rock, discusses his legendary tone and guitar playing. Give it a listen.