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The Ultimate, A to Z Guide To Playing Acoustic Guitar So You Can Play Your Favorite Songs, Solo With Confidence And Write Your Own Songs From Scratch

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In Play Acoustic Now:

  • How to hold and tune your acoustic guitar. So you can play comfortably and be in tune anytime, anywhere, even if you don’t have your tuner with you.
  • How to setup your acoustic guitar. Which means, you can prolong the life of your guitar and make it easier to play.
  • How acoustic guitar pickups really work. Which ones to use. And when. So you can choose the best tone for any playing situation.
  • How to use a metronome. So you can keep your practice focused and productive.
  • How to choose the right guitar picks for playing acoustic. Hint: get this wrong and it could set you back years. Which means, you’ll be able to make huge strides in your playing, fast.
  • The right and wrong way to use a guitar pick. So you can build picking speed.
  • How to choose the right string gauge for your style of acoustic. So you can get the best tone possible.
  • A side-by-side comparison of acoustic body styles. And the pros and cons of each one. Which means, you’ll be able to pick the best one for your style.
  • How to play 10 essential chords for acoustic guitar. So you can quickly learn your favorite songs.
  • Where to place your fingers along the fretboard. So you can change chords without hitting any “dead” notes.
  • How to properly fret chords. So you get the best possible sound with the least amount of effort.
  • How to efficiently move from one chord to the next. So you can “tie” chords together to play songs.
  • How to spice up your chord changes with little “chord fills” so old, boring chords are fun and exciting again.
  • How to properly choose and use a capo. So you can quickly transpose songs and easily play barre chords.
  • A simple technique for moving chord shapes. So you can explore the fretboard and access new sounds.
  • A simple “bouncing” technique that makes switching between chords so easy it’s almost like magic.
  • How to recognize and play six common chord progressions. So you can sit in on any jam session and know what to play by ear.
  • Easy ways to make use of music theory. So you don’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t help your playing.
  • The critical difference between Major and minor scales. And how to play both. So you can play a solo over any chord progression.
  • How to thread chords together to write a catchy song. So you don’t end up writing a song that sounds boring.
  • How to apply these skills to play popular songs. So you can build your skills in “real world” situations.
  • How to use the scratching method when you’re learning a new song, which makes learning new rhythms simple.
  • Must-know palm muting techniques. So you can play percussive licks up and down the guitar neck.
  • Proper hand placement for bends and vibrato. So you can stay in tune when using each technique.
  • How to play natural harmonics. So you can get bell-like tones for your acoustic licks.
  • Essential exercises to build hand and finger strength. So you can have more freedom in your movement and explore the fretboard.
  • How to solo using the minor pentatonic scale using your fingers or a pick. So you can play ultra impressive licks over any song.
  • The difference between vertical and horizontal improvisation. So you can create interesting phrases over any chord progression.
  • How to easily expand the pentatonic scale. Which means, you’ll have more options for your solos and songwriting.
  • How to solo using the major pentatonic scale. So you can add extra spice to your solos.
  • How to tune and play songs in alternate tunings such as DADGAD. Which means, you’ll be able to play songs in even more styles.
  • An easy introduction to playing slide on acoustic guitar. Which means, you’ll be able to play classic Delta blues and add sweet slide licks to your acoustic solos.


Blues and Chromatic Blues Combo

  • Get deep into the blues and discover how chromatic licks can add more color and harmonic variety to your solos.
  • This short course is everything you’ll need to get past the pentatonic box, so you can play two hot chromatic licks with down home mojo, even if you’ve never played blues before.
GZ T-shirt
GZ T-shirt

Visual Fretboard Mastery

  • If you’ve just started out with guitar or are having trouble “seeing” and “navigating” around the fretboard, then this course by Rob Ashe is your key to fretboard mastery.
  • In this awesome course, Rob will show you how the fretboard works, so you can explore all the possibilities across the guitar neck. Plus, you’ll discover modules on major and minor chords, chord inversions, and understanding the CAGED system.

Slide Guitar 101

  • Learn to play slide the right way and really wail. In this course, slide guitar expert Rob Ashe gives you an A to Z guide to playing screaming slide guitar, so that it’s easy to understand and a complete joy to play.
  • This course has everything you need to start on your journey toward mastering slide guitar, and it’s an awesome opportunity to expand your acoustic guitar arsenal.
Play Delta Blues Now
Acoustic Blues Licks

Ragtime Blues Made Easy

  • Take your acoustic guitar playing to a whole new level by learning the signature ragtime techniques of guitar greats like Reverend Gary Davis and Scott Joplin.
  • In Ragtime Blues Made Easy, acoustic blues master Steve Dahlberg shows you the secrets of ragtime blues by breaking down sections of the classic “Cincinnati Flow Rag." This course will help you add a unique flavor to your playing that most of today’s guitarists simply don’t have.

Acoustic Blues Licks and Turnarounds

  • In this course, Steve Stine will guide you through some essential blues licks and killer turnarounds you can use to play authentic acoustic blues guitar.
  • This course is designed for acoustic guitar, but these concepts and techniques can easily be applied to electric guitar. So, if you decide to “go electric,” you’ll have an excellent head start.
Acoustic Blues Licks
Tab Book

The Complete Tab Books

  • You also get the complete tab in downloadable PDF format for each course. So you can easily follow along and always know exactly where to place your fingers along the fretboard…

Quickstart Guide & Progress Tracker

  • Play Acoustic Now also comes with a Quickstart Guide & Progress Tracker, so you’ll know exactly where to start, be able to chart your daily progress, and always know what to work on next.
  • So you won’t waste any time “noodling” around…
Progress Tracker
Facebook Group

Lifetime Access To Our Private GuitarZoom Facebook Group

  • You’ll also receive 24/7 access to our private GuitarZoom Facebook Group, where there are tons of fellow students and instructors ready and willing to help you.
  • Now you don’t have to worry about getting stuck. And you’ll be part of a worldwide community of guitar players...


Steve Stine

Steve Stine is known as the world’s most sought-after guitar-instructor. He’s most famous for his ability to make learning guitar fun and easy. He has over 27 years of teaching and playing experience. He’s literally helped millions of guitarists in over 103 countries.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in music education from Minnesota State University Moorhead and has played lead-guitar in bands that have toured throughout the U.S. and U.K. He’s also a featured instructor at Guitar World Magazine and the former professor of Modern Guitar Studies at North Dakota State University. Steve is considered the world’s top instructor because his students see noticeable improvements in their playing, fast.


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You need a guide you can trust. The best guitarists in the world all learned from somebody. Stevie Ray Vaughan learned from his big brother, Jimmie. Kirk Hammett and Steve Vai learned from Joe Satraini.

You need a plan. Big progress doesn’t come from “noodling” around. This course gives your a simple, step-by-step plan that’s easy to follow and fun!

The better you are, the more fun it is to play! If guitar isn’t as fun as it should be, it’s because, deep down, you know you can be a better player. This course will help you achieve your goals, fast.


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Bonus #3: Slide Guitar 101 Online Course $78.00 FREE
Bonus #4: Ragtime Blues Made Easy Online Course $37.00 FREE
Bonus #5: Acoustic Blues Licks and Turnarounds Online Course $37.00 FREE
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