If you’re a big fan of metal and Metallica in particular, you’ll definitely love this riff. As all metalheads know, Kirk Hammett is definitely one of the most influential metal axemen ever existed, along with Dave Mustaine, Kerry King, Randy Rhoads and a lot more.

Many guitar beginners are having a hard time playing metal because most metal songs are fast-paced and have very technical picking method. In this review, I will help you overcome those difficulties by improving your picking momentum and enhancing your finger dexterity.

Master of Puppets Intro Riff


G|——————–7—6—5—————————————| x4

Let’s talk about the vital points of this riff.


Kirk uses down picking method on this riff. Sounds easy, right? But believe me, it can be challenging because of the speed of the riff. Down picking delivers more powerful notes compared to cross picking. Gravity works its charm there which give you more gnarly notes, which is what we need to deliver every single note perfectly.

Best thing to master this puppet is to start slow. Focus on producing the clearest notes that you can in a single tempo, then gradually increase it. Also, try and practice your palm muting since you’ll use a lot of it in this song.

Left hand:

This riff will definitely improve your left-hand skills in terms of speed and controllability. Kirk used a lot of power chords and single note picking on the whole song so you’ll definitely improve them as well.

Remember to start slow and finish fast. After perfecting this song, you’ll be more prepared to play more metal songs easier!

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