Last Week First: Music News From #2

After a nice weekend making my way through arpeggio licks and celebrating our American heroes, I can honestly say that nothing beats playing guitar at the lake with a few close friends, a cold craft brew and the smell of smoked ribs wafting through the air.

But, if you have a problem with barbecue, I also happen to have a quick glance at the coolest music and guitar news from

Jamstick+ brings the guitar to your Android phone. Let’s be real, sometimes you just want to whip out your guitar and get to work on that kick-ass riff you hear in your head, or get in some practice time when you’re stalled in snail-paced traffic during your morning or afternoon commute. Whatever your reason, it’s not always convenient or worth it to tote along your favorite axe for a car ride. Luckily, the makers of Jamstick+ have solved this age-old problem for you. Sporting a shortened plastic neck, six strings and MIDI interface, the Jamstick+ give you the ability to play and record acoustic, bass, and electric guitar on your Android phone, so you can jam out anywhere without annoying anyone.

Megadeth to honor the memory of former drummer Nick Menza with a tribute show. More than a week ago, former Megadeth drummer, Nick Menza died on stage of heart failure while playing with his progressive jazz band Ohm at a club in Los Angeles, leaving behind his parents and two sons. In a statement, Dave Mustaine revealed that the band was already making plans to put on a tribute show in memoriam of Menza where former Megadeth alumni can come together to play and raise money for his surviving children. While official details have yet to be released, look for the event to happen in California.

Joe Satriani brings G4 Experience to the east coast for Summer 2016. If you’ve bit your lip and shed precious blood working on licks from Not From This Earth and Surfing with the Alien, among many other shredtastic albums, you don’t want to miss your opportunity to work out your chops with Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Mike Keneally, Alex Skolnick and Steve Vai. With four days and nights dedicated to live perfomance, technique, tips, tricks, applying modes, and songwriting, you can be sure it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will transform your guitar playing.

Guild reissues the classic S-200 T-Bird. If you love the swampy blues of Muddy Waters or the psychedelic-infused rock of the Lovin’ Spoonful, then you’ve heard the S-200 T-Bird in action. Other than its spectacularly groovy body style, the guitar features humbuckers and Hagstrom Vintage Tremar vibrato system.

In GuitarZoom news…

Steve Stine has just released the “secret roadmap” to mastering arpeggios for any style. And if you want to check out killer previews, so you can see what it can do for your guitar playing, check out the course page here.