Last Week First: Music News From #2

Have you ever looked at your guitar and suddenly realized that you know all the notes on the fretboard? That’s what happens when you understand the pentatonic and diatonic connection. Seriously, they’re like a “secret roadmap” to visualizing every tonal possibility and, like magic, your fingers will fall on the “right” notes and create tasty riffs and solos.

Last week, it finally happened to me. Something just “clicked” and I couldn’t stop jamming. Anyway, I also made time to collect some of my favorite music and guitar headlines for you to check out.

Here it goes…

Claypool Lennon Delirium release surreal “Bubbles Burst” music video. When an iconic bass guitar virtuoso like Les Claypool teams up with Sean Lennon (John Lennon’s youngest son, who’s also released several kick-ass albums) you know you’re in for a treat. From their new album Monolith of Phobos, “Bubbles Burst” tells the story of Michael Jackson and his relationship with his pet chimpanzee Bubbles through a bizarre black and white video that crescendos to a claymation-in-space extravaganza. It’s a really cool track that you have to see and hear to believe.

Bon Jovi set to release a new album, This House Is Not For Sale. In a statement released via Twitter, the members of Bon Jovi revealed that they’d finally wrapped up recording a new album, This House Is Not For Sale, at Electric Ladyland Studio in New York. Produced by seasoned soundman John Shanks, the album will be released by Universal Music Group sometime in the near future. I can only hope that a massive tour in support of the album will quickly follow.

Larger Than Life Festival set to rock Louisville, Kentucky. If you dig the in-your-face vibe of hard rock and metal bands, then you don’t want to miss the lineup playing the 2016 Larger Than Life Festival in Louisville, Kentucky. With bands like Korn, Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, and Slayer taking the stage, among many others, it’s the prescription to re-energize a boring, sedentary life. And, oh yeah, there’s also going to be fine bourbon whiskey and gourmet food. What other reasons do you need to go?

Martin Guitar announces plans to expand its junior series of guitars. When you think of “junior” guitars, normally low-quality and strange tone come to mind. But, over the years, Martin Guitars has proven time and again that this simply isn’t true. Building on the success of their D Jr. E, that’s become hugely popular with guitarists and singer/songwriters, Martin is set to release the new D Jr. 2 Sapele guitars, which feature sapele top, back and sides, as well as a hand-rubbed body and neck finish. Look for it soon at your local Martin Guitars dealer.

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