Metal Corner with Glen Drover – Rewind #2

If your ears have borne witness to the legendary musical genius that is Megadeth and King Diamond, then Glen Drover is most likely your thrash, power, and progressive metal guitar inspiration of all time. With over three—count ’em, three—decades of powerful performances and mind-numbing riffs and licks, wouldn’t it be just rad to be able to learn from the master himself, whichever part of the planet you’re in?

Dreams do come true, after all. IGPA and GuitarZoom brings the Glen Drover himself right in front of you—via our EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR SERIES, only made available for those who sign up for our membership. Not only will you get to see the amazing maestro at work, you also get to submit your questions and soak in all the precious advice and how-to’s from the man himself on our interactive lessons. Get personal tidbits from Glen Drover about his music, his life, Megadeth, his other bands, playing beyond the tours and recording studio, and the art that he has honed into ultimate perfection over the years.

These are just some highlights from the previous webinar session of Metal Corner with Glen Drover:

  • When asked about what keeps him busy nowadays, Glen admitted that he preferred helping other artists with their own material online, creating new music at his own pace, and taking his time moving on different albums with different singers and bands; he hasn’t been doing much touring lately and liked staying in his studio and spending more time with his family
  • It was tips galore for beginners and artists who are at the starting line of their music pursuit: thanks to questions from webinar participants, Glen dished out some gold advice for those who are working on band collaborations long distance, citing that doing so has become the norm compared to how it was done mid-90’s—sending studio taped back and forth via couriers or messengers is a lot slower and unsure compared to sending track files via the internet at the snap of a finger.
  • Glen’s foremost wisdom for those who just found the joy of playing: start slow, and never rush things. Patience is key to attaining expertise, even when “everybody’s trying to go one million miles per hour.” He stressed the importance of having fun while playing and learning—whether it be via watching videos off of Youtube, mastering bits of riffs and licks from songs, or just practicing everyday to get that right movement and hand coordination.
  • The webinar also included discussions about using Glen’s preferred strings, and how he has used D’Addario’s NYXL strings for years. He was admittedly not particular about the composition of the strings he likes to use, but the tensile strength and durability of the break-resistant NYXL’s are perfect for his powerful playing.
  • Glen even went into detail about the Black Star ID Core, his preferred amp—how it sounds great right out of the box, has great modulations, and can be pocket-friendly enough even for beginners at roughly $100 for the 10-watt unit.
  • Of course, it wouldn’t be Metal Corner without some exclusive demos from the man himself, right out of his home studio for the webinar participants.

Those are just small tidbits about the latest Metal Corner with Glen Drover! Sign up for IGPA membership, and get exclusive access to this webinar, and a treasure island’s worth of educational resources to help you amp up your guitar skills and technical knowledge. Hone your craft with the best how-to lessons, the latest in music news, regular online sessions, and some awesome members-only promos and activities!