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Scale-Chord Relationships Explained

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Scale-Chord Relationships Explained

Master the scale-chord relationships in this powerful short course by Dan Denley. Inside Dan will teach you the must-know secrets behind how chords and
scales work together so you can choose the right scales on the fly for your leads and solos without have to wrack your brains for ideas.

Even if you don’t plan on playing lead, just know these scale-chord concepts will make your life 10x easier as a guitarist.

Value: $37.00

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Play Modes Now

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Play Modes Now

In this webinar-exclusive short course Steve teaches some high-level concepts and ideas for approaching guitar solos from a modal perspective, but makes it so easy that even beginners can follow.

Inside you get tons of examples of famous guitarist who’ve used modes and why.
How modes have been over the last 40 years and how it applies to you today. Famous licks and solo examples that use modes — and why they work and practical ways to incorporate more modes into your next solo.

Value: $37.00

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