Music Theory Pocket Bible

Get Free Instant Access To Steve Stine’s Music Theory Pocket Bible So You Can Play Songs By Ear And Always Know What Scales to Play For Your Solos (Kick Your Guitar Playing Into High Gear...Even If You’re A Rookie)

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Inside This Downloadable Tab Book, You’ll Discover:

  • A simple scale that works as a musical dictionary so you can memorize all the notes in minutes.
  • How to play thousands of your favorite songs using 5 simple chords.
  • One simple formula to play major chords in any key across the fretboard.
  • Steve Stine’s simple real world soloing chart that takes the guesswork out of what scales to play for your rock, metal, folk, punk, country and blues solos.
  • Very simple scale changes to triple your soloing options overnight! (You’ll never feel trapped or hesitate soloing again and your creativity will skyrocket)
  • The secret scale used by grizzled bluesman to play thrilling out-of-the-box licks that will astonish your audience.
  • Love rock and roll? This must-know blues pattern creates fist-pumping rock solos.
  • and much more!