Rockin' Riffs Review: Paul Gilbert – Style String Skipping

Paul Gilbert is surely one of the fastest, creative guitar players ever existed – with his wide variety of playing style and techniques, he can simply create beautiful arpeggio lines effortlessly. Using neo-classical style of playing, he gave his rock music more feelings and technicality.

In this Rockin’ Riffs Review, we will talk about one of Paul Gilbert’s favorite guitar technique – string-skipping arpeggios. This lick will be in the key of D, using D, A, B minor and F# minor arpeggios.

Paul Gilbert – Style Skipping

The first arpeggio will be in key of D and A major.

Figure 1


Try and pick all of the notes first, but there are transitions in this lick where you can use pull offs.

The next part will be in the key of B minor and F# minor.

Figure 2


Remember, “Speed is a byproduct of good, slow practice”. This lick is for the advance-level players, but you can also try learning this lick as a beginner. String skipping can be one of the challenges you’ll encounter on you guitar soloing journey, because when doing this technique, you must make sure that you won’t hit the wrong strings. You can simply mute it using your right hand (palm muting) or you can practice this lick slowly, but surely picking the right strings. This lick is a very effective practice piece to develop speed and finger dexterity. You can also use this as a warm-up piece!

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