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Improve Your Playing Playing In Just 15 Minutes A Day


The Quickest, Easiest Way To Learn Chords, Theory, Blues And Soloing So You Can Play Guitar For Life…

Here's What You'll Discover

  • How to properly hold, tune and setup your guitar. So you can play songs comfortably and always stay in tune.
  • How to choose the “right” guitar pick for your hands and playing style.
  • 10 critical chords every acoustic guitarist must know. So you can quickly play your favorite songs by ear.
  • How to fret chords the right way. So you get the best sound with the least amount of effort.
  • A simple “bouncing” technique that makes switching chords easy as apple pie.
  • How to easily move from one chord to the next. So you can “tie” chords together to play songs.
  • How to use a metronome. So you can keep your practice focused and productive.
  • A simple scratching method to figure out the rhythm of any song, quickly and easily.
  • 10 essential strumming patterns to play thousands of hit songs.
  • One secret to gain perfect strumming control. So when people listen to you play songs it will sound like “real music” instead of practice.
  • How to create contrast in your playing. So you can “color” any solo or chord.
  • How to spice up your chords with simple changes. So old, boring chords are fun and exciting again.
  • The 3 essentials of music theory. So you don’t waste time on confusing stuff that won’t help your playing.
  • A simple arm trick that will help you play barre chords without hitting “dead” notes.
  • How 1 simple lick can be the starting point for an amazing solo.
  • A simple mind trick to visualize your fretboard. So you know it will sound hot before you even play a note.
  • How to “thread” your licks together so your solo sounds complete.
  • How to instantly know which scale to use for your solos. So you never play the wrong notes again.
  • 5 crucial exercises so you can build massive hand and finger strength.
  • How to solo in the “real world” over rock, blues, country, and metal riffs.
  • 4 skills every guitarist MUST know: slides, trills, hammer-ons and pull-offs.
  • The secrets of the CAGED system. So you can play solos anywhere on the fretboard and avoid getting “stuck” in one position.
  • An easy introduction to modes. So you can avoid confusion and frustration and start using them in your solos.
  • 15 easy and powerful licks so you create inspiring solos from scratch.
  • When and why to use straight vs. shuffle rhythms.
  • How to perfectly execute the 5 most crucial blues bends. So you can eliminate dead notes and solo with confidence.
  • A little known “call and response” trick used by B.B. King that will amaze fellow guitar players.
  • A simple “chord-chasing” technique that allows you to play blues solos without hitting any “wrong” notes.
  • The magic of chromatic notes and major pentatonic licks.
  • 3 simple ways to keep your solos from sounding like a scale.
  • Everything you need to know about TURNAROUNDS.

Special Fast Action Bonuses ($213.85 Value)

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Fast Action Bonus #1: GuitarZoom Strap (SOLD OUT)

(WARNING: For the first 150 guitarists who order…)

You can never go wrong having an extra strap for your guitar. That’s why you’ll also receive an awesome strap featuring the GuitarZoom logo. It looks great, is super comfortable, and it’s built to last.

Responsive image $9.95

Fast Action Bonus #2: Guitar Capo

(For the first 200 guitarists who order)

This Capo is the perfect little capo for any guitarist looking for a quick and easy solution to playing in different keys...even if you don’t know all the chords.

Here are some cool things about the capo

  • Super handy, clip-on spring clamp design so you can switch keys on the fly
  • Durable metal body that's tough to break even if you bang it around in your guitar case or love to drop things
  • Thick rubber-covered bars that protects your strings while having a tight grip so it doesn’t drop off the moment you move
  • Small, lightweight design that’s easy to carry with you wherever you go (it also looks awesome)
Responsive image $117

Fast Action Bonus #3: Music Theory Made Easy 8 DVD Set

(For the first 100 guitarists who order)

You’ll also get Music Theory Made Easy on 8 DVDs.

  • 1 simple and effective way to memorize the seven notes of the musical alphabet (A, B, C, D, E, F, G). So you can quickly read music and guitar tabs.
  • A quick and easy way to choose the right scale every time. So you never hit a bad note when you’re soloing.
  • How to recognize chords by ear, so you can play any song on-demand even if you don’t have the tab.
Responsive image $4.95

Fast Action Bonus #4: GuitarZoom Picks

(For the first 500 guitarists who order)

You’ll also get 10 limited-edition GuitarZoom picks. They’re durable, comfortable and fit any hand-size.

Responsive image $67

Fast Action Bonus #5: Essential Riffs By Steve Stine

  • Get a complete library of riffs made famous by legendary bands like Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Megadeth, Metallica, Led Zeppelin and more.
  • Steve Stine will show you how to play them all step by step. And reveal how to make them part of your own signature style.


Responsive image $19

The Complete Tab Book

  • You also get the complete tab in downloadable PDF format for each course. So you can easily follow along and always know exactly where to place your fingers along the fretboard…
Responsive image $19

Quickstart Guide & Progress Tracker

  • Play Guitar for Life also comes with a Quickstart Guide & Progress Tracker, so you’ll know exactly where to start, be able to chart your daily progress, and always know what to work on next.
  • So you won’t waste any time “noodling” around…
Responsive image $67

Lifetime Access To Our Private GuitarZoom Facebook Group

  • You’ll also receive 24/7 access to our private GuitarZoom Facebook Group, where there are tons of fellow students and instructors ready and willing to help you.
  • Now you don’t have to worry about getting stuck. And you’ll be part of a worldwide community of guitar players...

Play Guitar For Life Ultimate Bundle

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Play Guitar For Life + Book 15 Hour, Online Course with Tab + Printed Book $147 $89
Fast Action Bonus #1: GuitarZoom Strap (SOLD OUT) Guitar Strap $14.95 FREE
Fast Action Bonus #2: Guitar Capo Capo $9.95 FREE
Fast Action Bonus #3: Music Theory Made Easy 8 DVD Set Online Course with Tab + DVDs $117 FREE
Fast Action Bonus #4: GuitarZoom Picks Picks $4.95 FREE
Fast Action Bonus #5: Essential Riffs By Steve Stine Online Course with Tab $67 FREE
Bonus #1: The Complete Tab Book Downloadable PDF $19 FREE
Bonus #2: Quickstart Guide & Progress Tracker For Each Course Downloadable PDF $19 FREE
Bonus #3: Lifetime Access To Our Private GuitarZoom Facebook Group Downloadable PDF $67 FREE
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