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Brand New 10 DVD Course
Play Guitar For Life

Full Price: $247. You Save: $100 (40%)

Price: $147

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In Play Guitar for Life:

  • How to properly hold, tune and setup your guitar. So you can play songs comfortably and always stay in tune.
  • How to choose the “right” guitar pick for your hands and playing style.
  • 10 critical chords every acoustic guitarist must know. So you can quickly play your favorite songs by ear.
  • How to fret chords the right way. So you get the best sound with the least amount of effort.
  • A simple “bouncing” technique that makes switching chords easy as apple pie.
  • How to easily move from one chord to the next. So you can “tie” chords together to play songs.
  • How to use a metronome. So you can keep your practice focused and productive.
  • A simple scratching method to figure out the rhythm of any song, quickly and easily.
  • 10 essential strumming patterns to play thousands of hit songs.
  • One secret to gain perfect strumming control. So when people listen to you play songs it will sound like “real music” instead of practice.
  • How to create contrast in your playing. So you can “color” any solo or chord.
  • How to spice up your chords with simple changes. So old, boring chords are fun and exciting again.
  • The 3 essentials of music theory. So you don’t waste time on confusing stuff that won’t help your playing.
  • A simple arm trick that will help you play barre chords without hitting “dead” notes.
  • How 1 simple lick can be the starting point for an amazing solo.
  • A simple mind trick to visualize your fretboard. So you know it will sound hot before you even play a note.

  • How to “thread” your licks together so your solo sounds complete.
  • How to instantly know which scale to use for your solos. So you never play the wrong notes again.
  • 5 crucial exercises so you can build massive hand and finger strength.
  • How to solo in the “real world” over rock, blues, country, and metal riffs.
  • 4 skills every guitarist MUST know: slides, trills, hammer-ons and pull-offs.
  • The secrets of the CAGED system. So you can play solos anywhere on the fretboard and avoid getting “stuck” in one position.
  • An easy introduction to modes. So you can avoid confusion and frustration and start using them in your solos.
  • 15 easy and powerful licks so you create inspiring solos from scratch.
  • When and why to use straight vs. shuffle rhythms.
  • How to perfectly execute the 5 most crucial blues bends. So you can eliminate dead notes and solo with confidence.
  • A little known “call and response” trick used by B.B. King that will amaze fellow guitar players.
  • A simple “chord-chasing” technique that allows you to play blues solos without hitting any “wrong” notes.
  • The magic of chromatic notes and major pentatonic licks.
  • 3 simple ways to keep your solos from sounding like a scale.
  • Everything you need to know about TURNAROUNDS.
  • … and much more!

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You’ll Also Get These Bonuses (Total Value $182)

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Webinar Bonus: Guitar Tone Secrets

Value: $37.00

This video bonus course by Steve Stine covers…

3 critical amp settings every guitarist needs to know: Clean. Crunch. And heavy. How and when to use each one to play your favorite songs.

Why turning the mid-range down on your amp is a HUGE mistake if you want to thrill the audience when you play live.

Why running your gear direct is the best setup for home recording. (If you’ve tried to record yourself playing guitar but can’t get a good sound, this is how to FIX IT.)

4 popular virtual studio plugins to unlock 10X more sounds from your guitar, so you never get bored and can create your own signature sound.

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GuitarZoom T-Shirt

WARNING: Only for the first 150 guitarists who order….

The shirt is lightweight and durable enough to get you through a hard day’s work. And it’s a great way to support the GuitarZoom community and share your passion for playing guitar.

Value: $24.95

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Digital Tuner

WARNING: Only for the first 100 guitarists who order….

You’ll also get the Eno ET-33 tuner, which works for multiple instruments (like the Guitar, Violin and Ukulele). It’s got a HUGE tuning range and even features a Chromatic setting.

Best of all, it’s a snap to use… Just clip it on, play a string, and adjust your tuner until you see the green light. Which means, you’ll be playing a perfectly tuned guitar in no time.

Here are some cool things about the tuner:

  • Handy Chromatic Setting to give you a wide tuning range
  • Flexible tuning system that works with Guitar, Ukulele, Violin and Bass so you won’t have to buy multiple tuners
  • 360 Degree design so you can adjust and use it for different instruments and positions
  • Simple clip-on and light-up system that’s easy to use, so you can start tuning the moment you clip it on
  • Small, lightweight design that’s easy to carry with you wherever you go (it also looks awesome)
Value: $14.95

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Bonus 3: 5 DVD Soloing Tricks Bundle

WARNING: Only for the first 50 guitarists who order….

You’ll also get a 5 DVD Soloing Tricks Bundle that includes:

  1. Pulling of to Musical Freedom By Steve Stine
  2. Funk Blues Rhythm By Dan Denley
  3. Effective Open String Tapping By Steve Stine
  4. Double Stops By Steve Stine
  5. Using Arpeggios In A Melodic Way By Steve Stine
Value: $19.00

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Quickstart Guide & Progress Tracker

Strumming Made Easy also comes with a Quickstart Guide & Progress Tracker, so you’ll know exactly where to start, be able to chart your daily progress, and always know what to work on next. So you won’t waste any time “noodling” around…

Value: $19.00

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The Complete Tab Book

You also get the complete tab in downloadable PDF format for each course. So you can easily follow along and always know exactly where to place your fingers along the fretboard…

Value: $19.00

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Lifetime Access To Our Private GuitarZoom Facebook Group

You’ll also receive 24/7 access to our private GuitarZoom Facebook Group, where there are tons of fellow students and instructors ready and willing to help you.

Now you don’t have to worry about getting stuck. And you’ll be part of a worldwide community of guitar players…

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Steve Stine is known as the world’s most sought after guitar-instructor. After years of struggling to understand how the guitar “really works,“ he developed a step-by-step training method to help you quickly overcome obstacles and rapidly advance your playing to a level you never dreamed possible.

Over 27 years, he’s helped literally millions of guitarists in over 100 countries.

He hold a bachelor’s degree in music education from Minnesota State University, Moorhead. And he’s played lead-guitar in dozens of bands, touring the U.S. and UK. He’s a featured guest instructor at Guitar World Magazine and the distinguished former Prof. of Modern Guitar Studies at North Dakota State University.

Steve Stine is considered the world’s top guitar instructor because his students see real, noticeable improvements in their playing fast.


This offer expires soon. And when it’s gone, you’ll miss your opportunity.

You need a guide you can trust. The best guitarists in the world all learned from somebody. Stevie Ray Vaughan learned from his big brother, Jimmie. Kirk Hammett and Steve Vai learned from Joe Satraini.

You need a plan. Big progress doesn’t come from “noodling” around. This course gives your a simple, step-by-step plan that’s easy to follow and fun!

The better you are, the more fun it is to play! If guitar isn’t as fun as it should be, it’s because, deep down, you know you can be a better player. This course will help you achieve your goals, fast.

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If you aren’t 100% satisfied just let us know within 60 days. And you’ll receive a fast, friendly refund, or exchange. Your choice. No questions asked. No receipt required!

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What You Get Type Value What You Pay
Webinar Bonus: Guitar Tone Secrets Online Course with Tab $37.00 FREE
Fast Action Bonus #1: GuitarZoom T-shirt Shirt $24.95 FREE
Fast Action Bonus #2: Digital Tuner Digital Tuner $14.95 FREE
Fast Action Bonus #3: 5 DVD Soloing Tricks Bundle 5 DVD Bundle $67.00 FREE
Bonus #1: The Complete Tab Book Downloadable PDF $19.00 FREE
Bonus #2: Quickstart Guide & Progress Tracker For Each Course Downloadable PDF $19.00 FREE
Bonus #3: Lifetime Access To Our Private GuitarZoom Facebook Group Community FREE
Total Bonus Value $182 FREE
Play Guitar For Life by Steve Stine 10 DVD’s and Online Course with Tab $247 $147



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