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Bonus #1: Master Picking Styles

  • How to fingerpick and flatpick (play with a pick) the right way. So you can play with precision and never hit a “dead” note again.
  • Discover crucial flatpicking techniques like “up scooping.” And find out the difference between “inside” and “outside” picking.
  • Essential fingerpicking patterns, and how to use your thumb to play bass notes. So you can fingerpick with confidence.
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Bonus #2: The Beauty of Using A Capo

  • How to quickly change songs to any key using a capo…(Your fingers and voice will love this simple trick )
  • The right capo to get for your guitar and playing style.
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Bonus #3: Song Request Link

  • As a Play Songs With Steve Stine member you'll also get an exclusive song request link from Steve Stine. So you can request any song you're interested in.
  • Steve chooses new songs to teach based on how many requests he gets, so make sure you send your song request every week.

Frequently Asked Questions

GuitarZoom is the exclusive home of Steve Stine’s lessons, courses, and masterclasses. As a member, you’ll be part of a supportive community of players who love guitar and having fun. We’re here to encourage and help you accomplish your goals.

Your 1 year Play Songs membership is $49, which is equal to $4 a month. Cancel anytime.

Play Songs give you unlimited access to a library of over 200 famous rock, metal, acoustic and blues songs with step by step videos showing you the rhythm, riffs, and solos.

How to play famous songs and solos in rock, metal, acoustic and blues styles.

How is GuitarZoom different?

Your instructor

Steve Stine is the world’s most sought after guitar instructor, with over 30 years experience teaching as well as decades of experience playing in bands.

Each song lesson is designed to help you sound authentic, while giving you space to make each song your own.

1-year membership

Play Songs membership is billed once every year, which keeps things simple..

Steve adds new songs to the library regularly. Plus, we notify you before your membership renews. You are always in control of your account. Cancel anytime.

Playing vs. learning

Lessons are designed to maximize your progress in the shortest time possible.

Which means, you’ll spend less time learning and more time playing songs and having fun.

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