53 Acoustic Licks by Steve Stine

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Play red-hot leads on acoustic guitar with 53 Acoustic Licks. You’ll play licks from styles like blues, country, and rockabilly. And you’ll connect them to play awesome solos. You’ll stand out when you play acoustic, no matter what style you play.


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#1 Pink Floyd Style Chord Lick

The Power of Sus Chords

Neil Young Style Chord Riffs

Here’s What You’ll Discover In 53 Acoustic Licks

  • Discover essential acoustic licks that you can use to create riffs and solos from scratch.
  • Easy country and bluegrass style licks that sound amazing, even when you play them with other styles of music
  • 1 cool moving lick in D, so you can add “movement” to boring chord progressions.
  • Traditional blues chord licks that will help your blues songs sound “authentic.” Which means, your blues playing will be more expressive and musical.
  • 1 easy turnaround that’s the icing on the cake to blues songs. So your blues solos will stand out and make a huge impact.
  • Easy drop D blues licks and riffs. So you can mix things up for songs in alternate tunings.
  • Discover awesome country and rockabilly licks that burn up the fretboard. So you can create phrases and melodic lines that really sing.
  • 1 must-know banjo-style lick that’s great for improvising country solos, so you never get stuck with nothing to play.
  • How to play moveable chordal licks that are full of down-home country flavor. So you can play country-inspired jams across the fretboard.
  • Discover crucial acoustic fingerpicking licks that will let you easily play arpeggios and add variety to your songwriting.
  • 1 cool descending chromatic lick you can use to break out of scales and patterns, and can start creating riffs and solos that sound totally unique.
  • How to use percussive blues fingerpicking in the “real world.” Which means, you’ll keep a beat going while you play.
  • How to use chord fragments to get outside of block chords and create awesome melodies.
  • The #1 secret for strumming and chord vamps. Which means, you’ll be able to play cool rhythms and spice up “boring” chord progressions.
  • An easy way to add walking bass lines to your acoustic guitar playing, so you can smoothly and easily transition between chords
  • How to connect chords and play musical guitar solos. Which means, you’ll be able to play thousands of acoustic solos that used to be impossible.
  • 1 simple trick to transpose licks to any key. So you have the flexibility to use these licks in any playing situation.
  • How to play licks from 14 legendary songs on your acoustic guitar. So you can see concepts like hammer-ons, chord embellishments, bass movement, and fingerpicking in action, and immediately apply them to your guitar playing.
  • 1 easy way to improvise between chords so you can play creative rhythms over any song.
  • The secret of open chord movements to breathe life into “boring” chord progressions.
  • 2 finger tricks well used by the pros to help you explore new sounds on your acoustic guitar.
  • 3 open chord shapes that you can move anywhere on the fretboard to create awesome acoustic licks from scratch.
  • 1 must know barre chord trick that makes your songs sound like “real” music.
  • How to use open strings to create a natural chorus effect over any song progression. So you never have to play open, blocky chords again.
  • 3 easy hammer-on and pull-off licks to add an impressive ending to your songs.
  • Steve’s favorite sliding pattern to change chords creatively and make people say “wow” every time you play rhythm.
  • The #1 Pink Floyd style chord lick made famous in “Wish You Were Here.”
  • How to add “natural harmonics” to your acoustic licks, so you can create bell tones that make your guitar playing stand out from the crowd.
  • A Neil Young style chord riff that creates a movable baseline, so you can accompany any singer without a full rhythm section.
  • 1 descending picking pattern made famous by Lindsey Buckingham you should know.
  • How advanced chord forms such as sus chords are really simple chords with a few altered notes. So you won’t be intimidated by any chord chart and you can quickly figure out songs.
  • 1 simple trick to add dissonance to power chords.
  • How to play Doobie Brothers style chord embellishments, so you can fill space in between barre chords and thicken up your sound.

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