Beyond Basic Chords by Dan Denley


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About Dan Denley

Dan Denley is the founder of GuitarZoom which specializes in offering instructional courses that range from a beginner to advanced level that address different aspects of guitar playing and tackle different styles and genres of music. Dan is a self-taught guitar player with a passion of sharing his knowledge of guitar playing to others, ensuring that his students get the education they need to become the greatest guitar player they can be or want to be. Born in Memphis, TN, Dan started playing classical piano at the age of 5 which continued throughout college. He studied music at the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music (University of Memphis) and graduated top of his class with a degree in Music History (and a minor in vocal and piano performance). After obtaining an extensive education, today Dan offers his knowledge at a fraction of the cost. Knowing that every student needs a mentor, Dan is happy to mentor anyone who comes to him looking for knowledge. One of Dan specialities and favorites is Blues music and Blues Guitar. Not surprising since Dan is a Mississippi Native who grew up in Memphis, TN.

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