Funk 101 – Play Funk Guitar In 30 Days by Jon Rudolph

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Play Funky, Percussive Rhythms With Style Using Jon Rudolph’s Easy 3-Step Plan:

  1. Visualize - You’ll “see” how to play funk chords and percussive funk rhythms
  2. Connect - You’ll connect new chords and concepts to chord progressions you already know
  3. Play - You’ll play funk guitar with confidence and style, and you’ll create funky chord progressions from scratch

Includes: 4 hours of HD videos, PDF tab book and access to our private Facebook group


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Here is what you get:

  • 4h of Online Video Lessons
  • Downloadable Tab Book

Preview Videos

How To Make Chords Sound “Funky”

Using Minor Pentatonic Over Major 7th Chords

Making An A-D Chord Change More Interesting

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Funk 101 – Play Funk Guitar In 30 Days

Module 1

  • An introduction to the basics of funk strumming and rhythm. So you can add percussion and flavor to your guitar playing.
  • Find out how to hold, release, and mute chords, so you can get that funky staccato “scratch” when you strum.
  • 5 funky strumming rhythm examples, as well as pro tips on synchronizing your left and right hands. So you can play in perfect time with the music.

Module 2

  • Discover crucial funk chords, like moveable 9th chords. So you can create the distinctive “funky” sound with your rhythm playing.
  • How to play the vi7-ii7-V7-Imaj7 chord progression. And tips on how to get comfortable with these new chords, so you can change chords comfortably.
  • Find out how to add single-note lines to your funk playing. So you can mix things up and add melody to the rhythm.

Module 3

  • How to use “sliding sixths” to keep a static chord interesting. Which means, you can keep things interesting, even if you’re only playing one chord.
  • Discover easy ways to make chords more interesting. So you can add a funky feel to any chord progression.
  • Find out how to use minor pentatonic scales over major 7th chords. So you can play interesting melodies with a simple scale pattern.

Module 4

  • 1 awesome way to change between an A chord and a D chord. So you can make a simple chord progression fun to play and interesting to hear.
  • An interview with John Rudolph, conducted by Steve Stine. John tells Steve why he started playing the guitar, the two of them talk about music, life, and more.

About Jon Rudolph

Jon Rudolph is a former Professor of Guitar at Valley City University, who’s been teaching university-level guitar courses and playing professionally for over 15 years. The guy cannot only play, he’s also a guitar teaching machine. He’s got a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance, which means he understands how to teach in a way that will help you reach your playing goals fast.


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