Music Theory For Life Masterclass by Steve Stine

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Master Music Theory And Revolutionize Your Guitar Playing With Steve Stine’s Easy 3-Step Plan:

  1. Visualize - You’ll “see” scales and chords across the entire fretboard with easy-to-learn shortcuts
  2. Connect - You’ll connect what you learn and supercharge your rhythm and lead guitar technique
  3. Play - You’ll play your favorite songs in minutes and create musical guitar solos from scratch

Music Theory For Life Masterclass is a 12-week online masterclass that helps guitarists of all skill levels master music theory, play songs faster, and create inspiring guitar solos from scratch.


Here is what you get:

  • 12h of Online Video Lessons
  • Downloadable Tab Book
  • Live Lesson Recordings
  • Quiz For Each Weekly Lesson

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A Simple Scale That Works As A “Musical Dictionary”

One Sneaky Trick To Memorize The Major Scale

How Triads Are Made And What That Means For You

How To Change Any Major Scale To Minor

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Music Theory For Life Masterclass

Week 1: Fundamental Theory

  • What is music theory? And how it can help you skyrocket your progress on guitar.
  • Easy music theory concepts and how to apply them to the fretboard. So you can “see” how notes, scales, and chords are related to each other.
  • 1 must-know scale that works just like a musical dictionary.
  • How to create any scale using a simple formula that works every time. Which means, you’ll always know what notes to play.
  • How to build chords and play common chord progressions.

Week 2: Easy Fretboard Study

  • Easy shortcuts to memorizing the notes on each string. So you’ll never get lost when you play songs or solos.
  • One simple trick to mastering intervals on each string.
  • How to use multiple strings to create chord fragments. So you can play chords anywhere on the guitar neck.

Week 3: Major Scale Mastery

  • How to build the major diatonic scale from the chromatic scale. Which means, you’ll have the freedom to play songs in any key.
  • A secret half-whole step formula that will help you know what notes create any major scale.
  • The 3&4 and 7&8 shortcut to memorizing ALL major scales.
  • How to apply major scale theory to the fretboard. So you can play with confidence.

Week 4: Fundamental Chord Theory

  • 1 easy way to create chords from the major scale. Which means, you’ll be able to instantly know what chords to play for songs.
  • What triads are and how they’re created. So you can play major, minor, and diminished chords the easy way.
  • How to use these concepts in any key.

Week 5: Must-Know Chord Concepts

  • A secret major chord conversion trick.
  • How the the CAGED Concept can help you visualize the fretboard. So you have the freedom to play in any position.
  • How to play easy arpeggios and how they combine scale, chord and interval concepts.

Week 6: Understanding 7th Chords

  • 1 easy way to create 7th chords and why they’re so important. So you can play more styles of music.
  • The critical difference between major 7th vs. dominant 7th chords.
  • 1 simple way to identify 7th chords on tabs and sheet music.
  • Why the M7 sounds jazzy and dom7 sounds bluesy. Which means, you’ll be able to play chord progressions with confidence in two must-know styles.

Week 7: Understanding Extended Chords

  • An easy way to recognize 9th, 11th, and 13th chords. So you know when to use them and why.
  • How to apply these chords to play different styles of music. Which means, you won’t be “trapped” playing the same things over and over again.
  • How to expand chords to add spice and creativity to your guitar playing.

Week 8: Altered Chords And The Minor Scale

  • 1 easy way to create “add” chords (sometimes called 2, 11 or 13). So you can play effective chord progression over any song.
  • How to identify and play suspended chords.
  • Why the minor scale is actually just the major scale, but with more emphasis on the 6 chord.
  • Why the Circle of 5ths is important and how it works.

Week 9: Modes, Pentatonics and Blues Scales

  • #1 way to master the 7 modes of music.
  • How the Pentatonic Scale is created from the Diatonic Scale. Which means, you’ll be able to solo with confidence.
  • How the blues scale is created from the pentatonic scale. So you can play “authentic” blues solos that sound amazing.

Week 10: Fundamental Rhythm And Blues Studies

  • How to play a basic 12 Bar Blues. Which means, you’ll be able to play blues with any group of musicians.
  • 1 easy way to understand blues and how to make sense of its illogical elements.
  • Must-know blues rhythms. Straight (shuffle) vs Triplet (swing).
  • How the minor and major pentatonic sound. So you know what to play for a blues solo before you even hit a note.

Week 11: Altered and Exotic Scale Concepts

  • What the harmonic minor scale is and how to play it. Which means, you’ll have something original to play for your metal riffs and solos.
  • How to play the melodic minor scale and its purpose.
  • A quick and easy guide to musical notation, including musical staffs, treble, bass, the notes, and their rhythmic values.

Week 12: Music Theory in the Real World

  • Essential elements of popular songs. So you know how songs are created and what makes them “work” musically.
  • Why some songs don’t work “logically” (metal, grunge) but still sound great as they feel to play.
  • Final words and how to continue your music theory training after the course.

About Steve Stine

​If you haven't heard of Steve before, just know that he's very well known at North Dakota State University and is a highly sought-after Professor of Modern Guitar. After earning his music education degree from Minnesota State University Moorhead, he went on to play in literally dozens of bands over the last 16 years touring the U.S. and England. He's been a studio guitarist for radio, television and various recording projects. And he even acted in a movie once. He's taught private, group, and online guitar instruction for over 25 years to literally thousands of students. Many of his students attend colleges nationwide to study music and play in bands, notably, Shannon Curfman, who performs with Kid Rock. He's taught music at Red River Valley Montesorri school for over 10 years. And was guitar instructor at Elevate Rock School in Fargo, North Dakota. And despite the tattoos, long hair, and shredder-style guitar, he's a family-man. And even finds time to volunteer his talents to plays guitar in his church.

29 reviews for Music Theory For Life Masterclass

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    David Young

    Just brilliant. This is exactly what I missed out learning school. The teacher on this course, however, really can teach. Excellent course.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mark Crandall

    Awesome course! Played guitar for a number of years but when I started there was no internet. No tablature to look at. A friend showed me the first position of Am pentatonic and I just went from there. Bought a book of scales and modes. Learned the positions but never really understood any of it. Then I found The Wizard...Steve Stine. I learned so much from this course and the things I didn't totally understand, I kept going back to the course and the more I watched and listened, the more it sunk in and made sense. Thank you so much Steve Stine!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Douglas Matson

    I do believe this is one of Steve's BEST, Very throw I made it at Quick go though, then studied week after week I am keep going back week 2 the thing's I missed !! love the course . I have just about every course and course package's Steve and Dan GZ have and by far this course has been most informative ! Can't help but keep going back. I have been playing for most my life and the lessons in this course not only reminds me of things I forgot but show me more and shorter cut to use THANKS TO STEVE,DAN, and GuitarZoom . Doug Matson LONG time member form startup !

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Joey Vasquez

    Course has been great. The way the course slowly builds and progresses from week to week has really helped me "connect the dots" or fretboard in this case. The fact that I can go back and brush up and review past weeks before proceeding is a huge benefit. It's not just about memorizing patterns, it's about understanding why and how they are generated. With that being said, it's freed up my playing and I'm just finished week 7 and can't wait to start the next lesson. Highly recommended and thank you

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jack Haskins

    Great course. It is complete enough to have something for about everyone I think. There was a bunch of information that I use and quite a bit I don't use right now as well. What I use is invaluable to me. Try this. Tie your ankles and then go to the store. Hop to the car. Or, hop all the way to the store. Buy stuff and come home. Learning to play music without ANY THEORY AT ALL is like going to the store with your feet tied together. Very doable, but much more difficult. If you haven't learned any theory you have no idea how much difference it can make. If you know what a I-IV-V chord progression is and how it helps creating your own chord progression and writing a hit song (Bad Moon Rising, CCR and tons more) or learning to play Bad Moon Rising and nailing it on your first try while playing along with the song, if you know that,,, can you imagine how much benefit learning the other chords in the major scale would help you? I didn't know that for about 40 years but I do now!!! Don't wait 40 years. In fact, it you have the $, don't wait 40 seconds. Or don't do it. I'll know how to use a I-vi-IV-V progression. haha 🙂 Take care,

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Laurie Deans

    This is a fantastic course—thorough, detailed and understandable, while still being a challenge, as it should be. A huge plus is that it's geared entirely to guitar players, and is superbly taught by the best guitar teacher I've encountered online. Steve Stine additionally is hugely supportive and encouraging (especially in the bi-weekly live webinars that were part of the course when I did it). There were some sections that I needed to review several times to thoroughly grasp, but that's the great benefit of an on-line course. The weekly reviews, as well as a course "final," helped me really apply myself to the studies and help justify it being called a Master Class. But while my nerdy side loved going deep into theory, it's probably my guitar-playing side that got even more from it. Understanding more theory has given me much more confidence and definitely freed up my playing.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mike Maxey

    I picked up a guitar at age 16 , I am now 55 , self taught, which only led me in a circle. I could not figure out how to play lead . When I ran across Steve's shortened lessons on Facebook it changed everything ! I bought his "Theory for Life Master Class" it literally opened up the way I see the fretboard, learning where all the notes are changes everything. Now I still have a long way to go, but I can now play some lead . This all happened within 3 short months. To me, that's incredible. Steve Stine is definitely one of the top minds in the guitar world. You will not be disappointed when you take this class! Thank you Steve for your love of teaching, for me this is only the beginning! Play on !!!

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lisa Jacobi

    This course changed my musical life. I am a professional musician, but got out there on stage ahead of my musical education. Steve outdoes himself in this course. It makes so much logical sense and each portion hands me the keys to the next step up. Never once did I feel like I was overwhelmed. Now that I have completed the course my musicianship has taken a significant jump, and I watch other musicians and immediately recognize patterns and complicated chords and understand exactly what is going on and where they are taking it... or when the screw up 😉 and could possibly land something that would be more effective. Awesome investment in myself. Thanks Steve & Guitar Zoom team! - LxoJ

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    David Cummings

    I am 45 and new to guitar. Finding a means to learn an instrument at this point in my life was a little daunting. Then I found Steve! Steve is a natural teacher, with wisdom, patience and terrific communication skills. This course is fantastic, and draws me in to add a knowledge of theory to my playing. Very glad I purchased this product from GuitarZoom. I will be signing up for more classes in the future. Thank you Steve!

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