1980’s Soloing Masterclass
by Steve Stine

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1980s Guitar Soloing Masterclass is an 8-week online masterclass that helps new and advanced guitarists play the licks, riffs, and solos that made 1980s rock guitar legendary

  1. You’ll “see” how iconic guitarists from the 1980s played guitar, and find out what makes their playing so unique
  2. You’ll connect their techniques with your own and carve out your own unique playing style
  3. You’ll play 1980s-style licks, riffs, and solos with confidence, and you’ll add serious spice to your playing, no matter what style of music you play
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How To Play Guitar Like Slash

1 Awesome Randy Rhoads Solo Trick

Eddie Van Halen Soloing Secrets

Here’s What You’ll Discover In 1980’s Soloing Masterclass

Week 1: 1980's LA Rock Guitar Styles & Techniques

  • Discover essential techniques, like string bends, vibrato, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. And find out how they’re used in 1980s guitar music.
  • Awesome exercises that develop technique and speed. So you can play blazing 80s-style licks with confidence.
  • An in-depth look at the playing style of George Lynch. So you can find out what made this legendary Dokken guitarist’s style so unique.

Week 2: 1980's Funk-Rock Style & Techniques

  • Find out how to play authentic funk-rock rhythms, so you can kick your rhythm playing up a notch and really start to groove.
  • How to play a arpeggio-style “chord chasing” licks. So you can play blazing-fast solos that follow the chord progression.
  • An in-depth look at Nuno Bettencourt’s guitar work. So you can use the techniques and tricks that made Extreme such an awesome band.

Week 3: Eddie Van Halen Style & Techniques

  • A breakdown of Eddie Van Halen’s innovative techniques. His use of harmonics, open chords, and his signature tapping licks.
  • How to use blues licks with the diatonic scale. So you can add a bluesy feel to your guitar solos.
  • Discover how to follow the chord progression with tapping licks. And how to create “tap harmonics.”

Week 4: Steve Vai/Joe Satriani Style Analysis

  • Discover what makes these guitarists’ playing so unique. And find out the similarities and differences in their playing styles.
  • How to perform “pinch harmonics” in your licks, so you can create those wild sounds that made 80’s guitar awesome.
  • Bizarre sliding licks, harmonic “chime” licks, whammy bar “throat” licks, and lots of other cool electric guitar tricks that sound amazing.

Week 5: Randy Rhoads Style & Technique Analysis

  • Find out how this legendary Ozzy Osbourne guitarist created his riffs. And discover the techniques he used to take his solos over the top.
  • 2-string chordal patterns, as well as standard power chord riffs. So you can create powerful guitar riffs from scratch.
  • Signature Randy Rhoads techniques, like repetitive bending licks, pentatonic pattern-licks, descending alternate-picking licks, chromatic "climbing" licks, and more.

Week 6: Slash Style & Technique Analysis

  • An in-depth look at Slash, and how he created his unique blues-infused hard rock soloing style.
  • Open position blues riffing, as well as Slash’s signature “loose and funky” strumming style. So you can create killer rhythms to solo over.
  • Discover awesome techniques used by Slash, like multi-hammer-ons and repeating blues-inspired licks. So you can incorporate them into your own playing.

Week 7: Yngwie Malmsteen Style & Technique Analysis

  • Pro-level insights into the playing style of this iconic guitarist. So you can use his lighting-fast techniques in your own playing.
  • A look at Malmsteen’s rhythm techniques, such as diminished runs, harmonic minor chord progressions, fast alternate picking techniques, and phrygian chord progressions.
  • Blazing-fast lead techniques, like arpeggios, sweeps, 3 note per string patterns, pedal tone licks, single string speed licks, repetitive speed licks, half step bending melodic licks, string skipping diminished runs, and even full fretboard patterns.


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