36 Metal Licks
by Steve Stine

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Play Killer Metal Licks And Create Solos From Scratch With Steve Stine’s Easy 3-Step Plan:

  1. Visualize - You’ll “see” how to play 36 must-know metal licks, so you can supercharge your technique and style.
  2. Connect - You’ll discover how to connect these licks to create killer guitar solos, and you’ll never hesitate to solo again.
  3. Play - You’ll play smokin’ hot metal solos with confidence and amaze yourself and your family and friends

Includes: 3 hours of HD videos, PDF tab book and access to our private Facebook group

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Killer Diminished Lick Made Easy

Unleash The Exotic Metal Guitar Sound

Awesome Metal Lick Made Simple

Here’s What You’ll Discover In 36 Metal Licks

Module 1

  • Discover how to execute techniques like hammer-ons, pull-offs, and unison bends, so you can play awesome licks with confidence.
  • Unlock the secret to getting that gritty “metal” sound, so your playing always sounds edgy and authentic.
  • Have fun playing awesome trill licks in the style of Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, and gain expert skills while you play.

Module 2

  • Discover awesome picking sequences in the style of Vivian Campbell and Craig Goldy, so you can create lightning fast licks that sound amazing.
  • How to use patterns to move vertically across the fretboard, so you can create out-of-the-box solos that don’t sound like a “boring” scale.
  • 1 secret trick the pros use to make difficult licks easier to play, so you can keep learning new licks without wasting time.

Module 3

  • 1 easy and effective way to master speed picking, so you can blaze through single-note runs with ease.
  • How to use pedal tones to create killer guitar riffs that keep the rhythm going and really drive a song forward.
  • 1 easy way to create dynamic licks with string skipping, so your guitar solos won’t get stuck in the same boring patterns.
  • Unlock the secrets to John Petrucci-style shredding, so you can play fast without tripping over your fingers.

Module 4

  • The secrets to effective sweep picking and arpeggios.
  • How to play darker, heavier licks with the harmonic minor scale, so your licks have that distinctive “metal” sound, even without distortion.
  • How to play 2 inversions of the diminished scale, which means you’ll be able to play smokin’ diminished licks in the style of George Lynch.
  • The key to unique note combinations in the style of Marty Friedman, along with Buckethead and Jeff Loomis inspired licks, which will add an exotic feel to your playing.
  • The secret to putting it all together, so you can create killer metal solos from scratch.

You Also Get...

...2 Bonus Lessons On String Tapping

  • Discover fun, practical ways to use tapping in your licks and solos, so you can add a jaw-dropping new dynamic to your playing.
  • How to deaden the other strings while you’re tapping, so you can play with precision.
  • Pro tips on how to practice tapping, so you can master this difficult technique with ease.
  • And much more.

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