96 Rock Licks
by Steve Stine

4.85 out of 5
(39 customer reviews)

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Create Your Own Killer Rock Solos From Scratch With Steve Stine’s Easy 3-Step Plan:

  1. Visualize - You’ll “see” how to play 96 awesome rock licks, and you’ll add new licks to your arsenal every day
  2. Connect - You’ll connect licks across the fretboard and master every playing position
  3. Play - You’ll play musical rock guitar solos with complete confidence, and impress your family and friends

Includes: 4 hours of HD videos, PDF tab book and access to our private Facebook group

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Connecting Simple Licks Across The Fretboard

“Singing” With String Bends

How To Get 2 Notes From 1 Pick

Here’s What You’ll Discover In 96 Rock Licks

Module 1

  • 5 critical techniques every guitarist must know: bends, slides, double stops, hammer-ons and pull-offs
  • Discover the pentatonic minor, blues, and hybrid scales, so you’ll get a feel for how rock licks should sound
  • 5 killer rock licks that use these techniques, and tips on how to play them and connect them to other licks

Module 2

  • Licks 6-29. One of the most important concepts in this module is repeating patterns, which can really spice up your leads.
  • Find out how to connect pentatonic shapes across the fretboard, so you’ll never get stuck in one position
  • Licks that use reverse bends, as well as blues-rock bends you can use in a ton of different playing situations

Module 3

  • Licks 30-60, which focus on melodic licks that use hammer-ons and pull-offs.
  • Discover subtle musical devices like legato playing, which makes your solos sound effortless.
  • Find out the right way to bend strings using 2 and 3 fingers, as well as the right and wrong way to move through scale patterns
  • How to play the same lick in different octaves, how to play a lick vertically and horizontally, and how to use articulation to completely change the sound of a lick

Module 4

  • Licks 61-96. These awesome licks use major and minor diatonic (7-note) scales and the Dorian mode, as well as pentatonic and hybrid scales
  • Find out how to plan your solo from start-to-finish, so you can make your solos sound as awesome as possible
  • How to be more expressive in your playing. Which means, you’ll be able to modify licks to match the feel of any song
  • Discover advanced techniques like dive-bombs, pinch harmonics, 2-string hammer-ons and pull-offs, and Eddie Van Halen-style tapping
  • Explore alternate picking patterns, 3 note per string licks, pick-slides… and much, much more.

About Steve Stine

39 reviews for 96 Rock Licks

  1. John Henderson lll (verified owner)

    I’ve been with guitar Zoom for a bit and all the courses are fantastic. This is exactly what I was expecting from GZ and Steve. It lays out licks in a way as to break them down to more fully understand. I recommend if your looking for a better idea of seeing how the patterns and licks are not chord structures. Peace

  2. Roger Davis

    The course 96 Rock Licks will spark your creativity. Steve teaches in a way that allows not only the novice but the well seasoned players to learn things that perhaps were not previously in their wheel house.
    This course as well as each course GuitarZoom sells will well equip all levels of guitar players with the necessary tools it takes to be a great guitarist.
    I personally recommend 96 Rock Licks and the rest of the courses! So get your copies today and ROCK ON!

  3. Matthew Setright

    Fantastic add on to my courses and relearning my guitar skills. As I found few things I’ve self taught things over yrs that not been great. Since doing it the right way lol. So just taking it all from the start again. Plus I’ve got nice little guitar collection with some nice tube amps. As a lover of the Guitar and music. So on my Army pension I’ve got some time as live alone, ohh and my service dog Trooper who I couldn’t live without him around. So it’s good to start again and even do things I know. As can only get better and maybe start doing some recording of Better stuff and creating my own little CD. As trying to put some words to music as well.
    Cheers from Australia 🇦🇺 🤟. (Gave it 5 but it would only show 4 last one didn’t change for me)

  4. Michael Edwards

    I am new at the world of lead guitar playing and decided about a year ago to get down to it and learn. After coming across a few youtube videos of Steve’s I managed to learn scales shapes and modes. I was reluctant to purchase any lessons but I was confident in Steve’s style of instruction. After purchasing this course I am more than pleased and hyped up to further my guitar skills .Steve breaks everthing down and explains everything so there is no confusion.
    I recommend Steve’s instructional video’s to anyone who wants to boost their guitar skills to the next level. Well worth the money
    Rock on!

  5. james pierrot (verified owner)

    I think it’s a great course and I’m getting a lot out of it, my only complaint is it seems in some of the guitar demonstrations Steve, seems to be moving too fast for the student to fully grasp the concept. Exp. in the blue scale where he’s demonstrating the blue note, I had to replay several times to realize what strings he was actually playing. I thought he was demonstrating the blue note, turns out he was just playing the pentatonic scale without the blue note. This confused me until I finally realized what he was doing, and that’s because he played the demo too fast, and without the blue note, when the demo I believes was to show how the blue note was to be used. I’ve only gone through the first five licks. So far I’m quite happy with the course, just feel there was unnecessary confusion created because of the speed in which he was trying to get through the material. Steve’s a great teacher, and I love his courses … at times it’s just hard to follow when he’s time crunching, and I say this as intermediate mediocre player.

  6. Brady Haslam (verified owner)

    Very good course! I am just coming out of a 10 year guitar hiatus. I was able to get back to the skill level I was at before I quit playing in a few months… but soon became stagnant. I was in a rut, and this course is teaching me new things to get out of it! Thanks Steve! You are a great teacher!

  7. Patrik Ruzic

    Great course. I am beginer and this course is great for me.

  8. Kevin Zander

    Very informative…. Steve is a great teacher…..Has the ability to break things down and not only explain how…but why also in a way that is easy to understand…..I Highly recommend this course….

  9. Kevin McCleese

    Great Course. I only have one compliant, and it has to do with technological. A couple of the licks won’t play. It happens on my work computer, my home computer and my phone. Would love to get this worked out if you can help with this. I love the Course though, very awesome!!

  10. Vance Savage

    I looked into this course after I saw an ad on Facebook. I reluctantly played it and found that I liked the way Steve taught, his personality and candor. His method of teaching was slow, and systematic. I have been playing for a long time and I know a bit of theory. I became stuck in my playing after many years and was looking into courses. I ordered the course along with a few others. I am still early into it but I have learned licks that I always wanted to do but never really figured out. It’s a pleasure to have Steve on my TV in my home with my gear and learn. I would HIGHLY recommend these course for beginner and intermediate alike. I am looking forward to the rest of my schooling and know that I am being taught by competent and well-rounded teacher. Steve plays great, teaches great and is a likable guy. It’s a pleasure to work my way everyday to become a more versatile and grounded guitarist. Thank you, Steve!

  11. William Kowalski (verified owner)

    Love the course! So many great licks to learn. Steve is an incredible teacher and even more incredible player. I’m totally enjoying it and will be buying more of his courses. Between Steve and Griff Hamlin, I’m the best I’ve ever been…at 62!!

  12. Michael Breeding

    Fantastic, easy to understand course. I have had vast improvement in my playing. I almost sound like I know what I am doing HA HA. In all honesty, this is a wonderful way to learn lead licks and the combinations are almost endless and best of all, they sound great in any key. I have a better understanding of my fret board and I am forever grateful. Thank You Steve!

  13. Troy Bowman

    What a great corse. First of all it’s like Steve is actually talking to you. He makes that connection. He starts the lick off very slowly and explains every step clearly. Then he plays the lick in at an intermediate speed. He then plays the lick and an incredibly fast pace. He often shows variations of how the lick connects to another lick or how the lick can be slightly changed. I got to hand it to Steve, this course has opened a door and expanded my possibilities. Thank you Steve

  14. Florin Adrian Popescu

    Very useful course, if one knows how to deal with it and dig a little bit more there is lot of fun for several months of good practice and creative soloing.

  15. Carol Brooks

    I bought this course early on and just love it. I return to it periodically to refresh my ability to use licks working up the fretboard. The section on techniques that precedes the actual licks is also very helpful. — carol brooks

  16. Chris Heise

    Great course, Steve has created many “Lightbulb” moments for me. He’s a great teacher! Thanks guys!

  17. Arthur Hutchcraft

    Have never played solo as I dreaded the difficulty, but after doing this course, Steve makes the licks easy to follow and I am sure with more practice I will be able to achieve my goal. This is a well structured course and like all Steve’s courses very well presented.

  18. Michael Johnston

    Nice review of how to embellish your phrases at the beginning of the course. Then, a good variety of licks for use in the blues rock, metal genres. It’s a course you’ll go back to time and again for fresh ideas.

  19. Carl Harris

    This is one my favorite courses of Steve’s. The licks have opened new possibilities for soloing and creating my own solos. Steve is the best the best instructor. The way he breaks down everything is easy to understand stand and then apply it to your playing. I owe the confidence in my playing to Steve. Thank you.

  20. Vic Soboleski

    I’ve got a lot of guitar zoom courses , more than I’ll probably ever need or watch lol….but this licks course is the meat and potatoes . Meaning I have creativity issues at times where I feel stale with the few licks I over use. That’s when I pop in one of the 96 licks lessons and try something idk already, which is a mountain ha. Steves twaching is clear and to the point with all the nuances explained fully . And with the included PDF or printed out book like I have there’s never a doubt as to how to play each riff…..
    Actually I think it’s time to learn another lick now, so do yourself a favor and check out this series. it’s worth it and GZ has a great return/warranty policy if your not happy for any reason , which I personally doubt

  21. Paul St Jean

    This is an awesome course. Steve is the best at teaching on a level that is easy to understand. I’ve been playing for many years and I have to say that since I’ve discovered Guitarzoom, my playing within the last year has improved 100%. I now know what the heck I’m doing!!!!!

  22. Robert Zimmerman

    There are a number of different licks to learn and play with. The only drawback is I have no really good sense of what lick will work with what music. It would be nice to see some examples of real songs as a backing track with the licks thrown in as illustrations as to what sounds good and what doesn’t. As it is now, I feel like I’m being given a bunch of tools with instructions as to how to turn them on and off, but nothing regarding how you use them in real life.

  23. Henry Site

    It starts with a review of bends, hammer-ons, slides…. some nice basics then goes into utilizing the basics… great course

  24. ANDY Tan

    The Minor Pentatonic and Blues scales are awesome in the 96 rock licks. It opens up a new chapter in my fretboard understanding and playing. As for the licks I am still learning.

  25. Jacob Mattos

    This is one of those courses, when i have only 15 minutes, I can study a lick, absorb it, and practice it over the next week until it starts becoming engrained. I keep coming back to this course to grab a new lick about once per week. This approach works out great on top of all the other stuff I’m studying, playing, writing, jamming, and band practice. Love the course!

  26. Juan Nasarro

    So far Awesome, Steve Stein THANK YOU

  27. Paul Smith

    I have only practiced up through lick 21 so far because I’m really trying to make playing them second nature. I’m already feeling far more comfortable in running licks together and I absolutely love this course. Sometimes Steve will play the lick and then join that lick in with several others, but at quite a fast speed. My only suggestion would be for Steve to show us how he joins the licks because it’s hard to follow when played fast. Other than that….this is outstanding!!!

  28. Anthony S Fox

    Out of all the courses I’ve bought of Steve’s I use this one on a daily basis and is a great practice lesson. Some of the licks force me to stretch.while others simply keep me sharp. I look forward to another course like this pile on the licks.

  29. Robert Smith

    great ideas in this course, very diverse. loved it

  30. John Bottiglieri

    This was one of the first courses I bought to get me started again after being away from my guitar for many years. A great course to help you start to build a very complete licks toolbox! Steve takes the time to show you them all and also provides the tabs.

  31. David Palmer

    Great trick. You think you are learning licks but suddenly find out you have learned a lot of techniques. Damn, I didn’t know that I was practicing and really hate practicing technique.

  32. Nicu Barbieru

    Great,straight to the point licks. Nothing fancy or useless here.
    Just useful guitar licks ready to incorporate in my solos.
    I will come back soon for other licks and lessons.

  33. Jim Mawby

    I love this course, I dip in and out of it at will. I find that you can dive in anywhere and find something great to learn practice, I then try and add what I am learning into my own solos somewhere. As somebody else mentioned, that is the hardest part of it all, perhaps a few tips on linking the riffs in with each other or with general scale riffing. I am pleased that I purchased “96 Rock Licks” and will, doubtless, be looking at it for the rest of my playing life. Thank you.

  34. john horgan

    Hi Dan/Steve just wanted to say how impressed I am with this course I have been using it along side another course so have been gradually getting through it.Although I have been playing for a fair few years this course has opened up new ideas when I’m soloing along with improving my technique and fluidity.Over the years I have invested in many courses from the UK and abroad but hand on heart Steve is in my humble opinion streaks ahead of any competition as a tutor especially in the way he presents every lesson his enthusiasm and passion for what he does oozes out of the screen and is very infectious that I end up staying on the guitar a lot longer than intended. If I won the lotto my winnings would dwindle very quickly as most of it would end up buying stacks more courses from yourselves but at this present time I have to seriously discipline myself when it comes to your emails so far i have coped reasonably well and the ones I have succumb to have all been worth the outlay.
    Once again thanks and keep up the stella work!!

  35. Hans Petter Dalen

    I am a beginner looking to expand my musical vocalbury. Licks are a cornerstone to my vocalbury so to get a course with 96 licks is awesome. Each lick is explained in detail by Steve Stine so it really is a valuable course in order to grow as a guitarist.

  36. Sten Karlberg

    hands on, easy to grasp and useful modules to put together in my taste and rhythm

  37. Lamont Ciulla

    Love all the licks. i do wish Steve would have shown a little bit more of how to string some of these licks together to make a solo, however. But the licks are great.

  38. Thomas Ortiz

    An excellent way to increase your lick reportoir. This is a great course for all skill levels as there is something for everyone.

  39. Mark Clemente

    Perfect for beginners and as well as advanced guitarist looking to spice up their guitar solos.

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