Acoustic Guitar
by Steve Stine

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Acoustic Guitar is an 8 module online course taught by the world’s most sought after guitar instructor, Steve Stine.

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In Acoustic Guitar

Module 1

  • How to hold and tune your acoustic guitar. So you can play comfortably and be in tune anytime, anywhere, even if you don’t have your tuner with you.
  • How to setup your acoustic guitar. Which means, you can prolong the life of your guitar and make it easier to play.
  • How acoustic guitar pickups really work. Which ones to use. And when. So you can choose the best tone for any playing situation.
  • How to use a metronome. So you can keep your practice focused and productive.

Module 2

  • How to choose the right guitar picks for playing acoustic. Hint: get this wrong and it could set you back years. Which means, you’ll be able to make huge strides in your playing, fast.
  • The right and wrong way to use a guitar pick. So you can build picking speed.
  • How to choose the right string gauge for your style of acoustic. So you can get the best tone possible.
  • A side-by-side comparison of acoustic body styles. And the pros and cons of each one. Which means, you’ll be able to pick the best one for your style.

Module 3

  • How to play 10 essential chords for acoustic guitar. So you can quickly learn your favorite songs.
  • Where to place your fingers along the fretboard. So you can change chords without hitting any “dead” notes.
  • How to properly fret chords. So you get the best possible sound with the least amount of effort.
  • How to efficiently move from one chord to the next. So you can “tie” chords together to play songs.

Module 4

  • How to spice up your chord changes with little “chord fills” so old, boring chords are fun and exciting again.
  • How to properly choose and use a capo. So you can quickly transpose songs and easily play barre chords.
  • A simple technique for moving chord shapes. So you can explore the fretboard and access new sounds.
  • A simple “bouncing” technique that makes switching between chords so easy it’s almost like magic.

Module 5

  • How to recognize and play six common chord progressions. So you can sit in on any jam session and know what to play by ear.
  • Easy ways to make use of music theory. So you don’t waste time on stuff that doesn’t help your playing.
  • The definition of “position” as it applies to guitar. Which means, you’ll know how to transpose any song.
  • How to use different strumming dynamics. So you can add variety to your chord progressions.

Module 6

  • How to perform string and body slaps. Which means, you can add a percussive sound to your playing.
  • The critical difference between Major and minor scales. And how to play both. So you can play a solo over any chord progression.
  • How to thread chords together to write a catchy song. So you don’t end up writing a song that sounds boring.
  • How to apply these skills to play popular songs. So you can build your skills in “real world” situations.

Module 7

  • How to use the scratching method when you’re learning a new song, which makes learning new rhythms simple.
  • Must-know palm muting techniques. So you can play percussive licks up and down the guitar neck.
  • Proper hand placement for bends and vibrato. So you can stay in tune when using each technique.
  • How to play natural harmonics. So you can get bell-like tones for your acoustic licks.
  • Essential exercises to build hand and finger strength. So you can have more freedom in your movement and explore the fretboard.

Module 8

  • How to solo using the minor pentatonic scale using your fingers or a pick. So you can play something ultra impressive over any song.
  • The difference between vertical and horizontal improvisation. So you can create interesting phrases over any chord progression.
  • How to easily expand the pentatonic scale. Which means, you’ll have more options for your solos and songwriting.
  • How to solo using the major pentatonic scale. So you can add extra spice to your solos.
  • How to tune and play songs in alternate tunings such as DADGAD. Which means, you’ll be able to play songs in even more styles.
  • An easy introduction for playing slide on acoustic guitar. Which means, you’ll be able to play classic Delta blues and add sweet slide licks to your acoustic solos.

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