Blues Basics
by Steve Stine

4.64 out of 5
(22 customer reviews)

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Play Authentic Blues Guitar In Just 30-Days With Steve Stine’s Easy 3-Step Plan:

  1. Visualize - Discover how blues scales fit into the 12-bar blues progression
  2. Connect - Connect what you learn with music you like, and play like your favorite guitarists.
  3. Play - You’ll play authentic blues guitar with confidence... and you’ll create your own blues solos from scratch.

Includes: 1.5 hours of online videos, PDF tab book and access to our private Facebook group

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The Power Of The 7th Chord

The Freedom Of Barre Chord Blues

The Secret To Authentic Blues Soloing

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Blues Basics

Module 1

  • Explore the 12-bar blues progression and start playing authentic blues rhythms right away
  • How hybrid picking can bring that down-home, Delta “flair” to your guitar playing, so you’ll sound authentic and original when you play.
  • 3 critical blues rhythms: shuffle, straight and swing. Plus, a complete breakdown of the most critical blues strumming patterns...
  • Discover what the blues really is and why it’s a style that every serious guitarist needs to know, and play authentic blues rhythms and solos like the pros

Module 2

  • Find out how to transform boring scales into smokin’ hot blues solos, so you can create awesome licks and solos from scratch.
  • 4 critical techniques every serious blues guitarist needs to know: string bends, slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs
  • How to use the “Chord Chasing” technique when you improvise, so you’ll always know what to play next.
  • 1 secret trick that will add color and depth to your licks and solos. (HINT: this trick uses the hybrid scale)

About Steve Stine

22 reviews for Blues Basics

  1. Zheng Yu

    Very good!

  2. Jon Neufeld

    Steve style of teaching is different than any other guitar teacher I have had. I took Jazz lessons in college and Steve Style is helping me more than taking those Jazz classes. Anyone who wants to start playing Guitar should check out his courses as he makes it understandable to us that don’t have musical Theory ingrained into us. LOL I hope to meet him in person someday. Thanks Steve

  3. Robin Ridler

    Truly an excellent course. For anyone who’s looking to add some elements or just trying the blues for the first time, Steve has a way of explaining things and helping you figure out what you need to work on to go to the next level and keep you motivated as well!

  4. Kevin Howlett

    Great course. Clear easy to follow tuition. Steve has the ability to de-mystify the elements of each discipline & motivate the student to keep on trying until I get it! Great fun.

  5. Mike Senko

    I really enjoyed it thou I need to go over it more but it has opened up new avenue’s for me like all steves courses I always something out of them

  6. Rick Schnur

    Good course. Steve does a good job making things simple. Great for beginners and advanced beginners! The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 is there was no mention it was taught on an Acoustic guitar. However, the information translates well to the electric. I recommend this course.

  7. Robert De Jonge

    I had expected more of it. Steve explains things very well, but I thought he would teach more, like in his other video’s. Much depends on yourself, on your discipline. A bit more guidance would have been nice.

  8. Arthur Hutchcraft

    This is a great course, easy to understand, and also expands on finer detaills missed in other courses. I am learning to play with guitar knowledge rather than like a robot. Steve*s explanations are very descriptive and easy to follow.

  9. Allen Murphy

    Excellent course. Steve is an excellent teacher, and a monster player, who approaches the blues with respect and reverence. Learned the importance of resolving licks with chord tones instead of buzzing about the minor pentatonic scale just randomly playing licks. Now letting the notes breathe a bit and resolving on a chord tone in the progression. Still lots of work to do…but it’s a lifelong journey. Very much enjoying the ride. Thanks, Steve!

  10. Mark Hendricks

    Great stuff, the chord embellishment section left me hanging on what can be done on 6th string bar chords and minor though!

  11. Kevin Baril

    I’ve been playing for quite awhile, and while for me the first lessons were easy, the last lessons, however, did a masterful job at tying things up in my head on what I had been missing for many years. Steve wants the student to understand what they are learning rather than just showing off licks and riffs that other people do or just play fast. That said, Steve sprinkles in some of those courses as bonuses…great work guys!

  12. Frank O’Connor

    I lover it. It is very simple to understand. Steve has a way that I have bot found in any other guitar teacher. He is one in a million. Thanks Steve for another great course.

  13. Henry Swart

    Great course! Steve is a wonderful teacher . Was clear and easy to follow . Expertly done. A great teacher , and very gifted! To be recommended. Thank you Steve.

  14. Kendall Clement

    This is an amazing course!!! Steve really lays out the basics for you. I couldn’t learn the basics in 30 days though. It takes practice, practice and practice. But, once you get it and can connect the dots, you’ll really have something solid to build on. I didn’t start on it till after I’d had it for a while, but once I did I have been having a lot of fun with it. I’ve been able to experience breakthroughs that I thought I would never be able to learn. I can’t wait to see where I’ll be when it’s all over. I’ve been combining this course with “Play Blues Now.” I’m confident that with these two courses I’ll have a solid foundation in blues guitar. Thank you Steve!

  15. Roger Bloodworth

    I haven’t completed the lesson yet, but what I have completed is exactly what you would expect from Steve! The idea to view the major pentatonic scale as the same shape as the minor pentatonic scale is very helpful. I have several other lessons and I pick and choose from each of them to keep things interesting (rather than trying to complete each one). Have also learned a lot from Steve’s free lessons on you tube! Thank’s for your time and effort to produce these video lessons. Steve is a great teacher!!

  16. Justin Cotter

    While I am not a blues guy myself, I did recognize the need from a guitar perspective to have an understanding of the basic concepts that blues guitar encompasses. Not only that, the music that I do enjoy has in one way or another been influenced by blues. Because of this, the applicability and practicality of the lessons covered in the program extend beyond the blues. Thanks to Steve and this course, I now know all 5 of the minor pentatonic positions, which has opened up all kinds of musical opportunities. He explains everything in easy-to-understand terms, and he speaks like a teacher (a good thing) in that he correctly anticipates and addresses a lot of the questions and concerns that students (myself included) have. It is a good building block that guitarists should have under their belts, even if blues isn’t their thing.

  17. Ken Stoupa

    It was very helpful

  18. David Hill

    hi I am trying to get through all the courses I have bought which is now probably 150 dvds that’s without downloads I have purchased so I am about half way into the blues now course which I find extremely good the step by step basis and so brilliantly taught many thanks david

  19. Jeremy Fredrikson

    Master Blues In 30 Days is a great crash course for those who want to get a solid handle on playing the blues. You’ll learn the genre’s most essential/fundamental building blocks (dominant 7th chords/shapes, the 12 bar blues form, playing in different keys, common chord progressions, rhythmic ideas) as well as how to solo using the minor pentatonic/major pentatonic/hybrid scale/blues scale, etc. You’ll learn how to create fills/licks (and how to create those licks logically depending on the chord you’re playing) as well as chord extensions and fingerpicking patterns/ideas that will allow you to go beyond just playing chords. After taking this course, you’ll have a hefty box of tools to make up your own blues songs Johnny On The Spot any time somebody asks, “Know any blues songs, man?” If you, alone or with buddies or a band, have been longing to belt out some improvised old school blues, this is a great course to make that happen.

  20. John King (verified owner)

    Great course so far I like adding the 9th and the 6th to the pen scales I look forward to the next class and I hope there is a class on call and response and fill licks moving between chords so far great cause on the basics

  21. Matthew Bettis

    It’s a great course with expert instruction, by a motivated teacher, but you cant learn this in thirty days. I ‘m still working on the basics and it’s been over two months. You need to want it and be willing to make time and work it to get better. That being said I rate this product five stars and highly recommend it.

  22. Greg Ruscigno

    If you love blues like I do, and don’t want to get bogged down by too much info while learning from step one, this course is both fun and inspiring! Steve does an amazing job at laying down the basics, getting your guitar in hand to play along manageably, and putting a bluesy smile on your face with just a little bit of focus and practice! This course was just what I needed to “begin again”, have fun, and learn in bite sized blues morsels! Thanks so much Steve 🙂

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