Blues Guitar
by Steve Stine

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The ultimate, A to Z guide to playing blues guitar so you can play thousands of blues and rock songs create inspiring blues solos from scratch, and jam with confidence.

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#1 Chord Progression to Know For Jam Sessions

The “bluesy magic” of the 7th chord

How To PLAY NASTY Hybrid Blues Solos

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Blues Guitar

  • How to setup your current guitar and gear (no matter what it is) so you can get that authentic blues sound and tone
  • What the blues really is and why it’s a critical style that every serious guitarist needs to know
  • The blues influence on rock, pop and country and why it’s important to learn blues fundamentals
  • The three crucial chords for blues and why you can’t really play blues without mastering these...
  • Why the blues is the ultimate “jam session” music how you can jump in a play with other musicians…
  • How to get various blues-tones from your existing gear like humbucker vs. single coil pickups, acoustic vs. electric, solid state vs. tube amps, understanding wattage vs. realistic needs, and much more…
  • Fundamental scales and music theory for blues players including the chromatic and diatonic scales and how they’re applied to the blues…
  • How to play a simple 12-bar blues so you start playing fast!
  • The major and minor I-IV-V chord progressions and how to play the both it in the most important keys for blues
  • The four critical root-6th and root 5th barre-chords used in blues: major, minor, min7 and dominant 7th
  • How to play endless variations on the 12-bar blues form so you never get bored
  • Introduction to direct chord substitution so you’ll always be able to create new songs
  • 3 simple techniques for massive strumming-control
  • Down vs. upstrumming, aggressive vs. passive strumming, and why strumming less is always better than over strumming…
  • The three critical blues rhythms -- shuffle, straight and swing -- and how to play them all so you can jam with anyone, anytime. Plus, a complete breakdown of the most critical blues strumming patterns...
  • A complete, step-by-step explanation of what the 12-bar blues is and how it relates to other styles of music
  • The 3 critical parts of every 12-bar blues so you can learn blues songs fast
  • The “call and response” technique and how it’s used in blues
  • The blues turnaround and why it’s crucial for understanding blues songs
  • How to instantly figure out the rhythm of any blues tunes and apply the “straight vs. swing” test so you can jam along fast
  • How to play the 12-bar blues using basic open chords followed by a demonstration of how to add 7ths and dynamic rhythms to spice it up…
  • How to play the power-chord-blues found in bands like ZZ Top any place on the fretboard, in any key
  • How to develop your own fast-track practice routine so you can accomplish more in less time so you can play authentic blues and develop your own style mega-fast
  • A simple visualization technique that makes learning new songs a snap
  • Focused-practice vs. “noodling” and why most guitarists never really learn how to play the blues (but you can easily avoid this mistake)...
  • Essential blues licks for electric guitar and how to actually use them in your own soul-stirring solos…
  • The 5 most crucial solo techniques for playing real, authentic blues solos and how to start using them immediately…
  • The 5 most essential scales for authentic blues guitar...
  • The one real secret about combining scales that all hall-of-fame blues players use, but rookies never figure out…
  • 1 easy way to keep your solo from sounding like a scale...
  • How to avoid getting “stuck” in one place when you’re playing a solo...
  • The 3 essential blues riff-styles that make up 90% all electric blues music
  • The boogie-blues, Chicago riffs and the Texas Shuffle
  • The most important blues riffs and song styles that every blues lover should know…
  • 2 “forgotten” blues song-forms that are found in all kinds blues music today. Hint: master these to make learning new songs fast and easy...
  • The 8-bar-blues and why it’s crucial to being a complete blues guitarist…
  • The 16-bar-blues and how to use it to play mind-melting blues solos…
  • Everything you need to know about TURNAROUNDS… including how to play them backwards and forwards, and how to use hybrid-picking to bring that down-home, Delta “flare” to your turnarounds…
  • What turnarounds are and how they’re used so you’ll never be lost when you’re shredding the blues…
  • 4 little-known ways to breath new life into a tired, worn-out 12-bar-blues using chords that blues-newbies will never play...
  • How to use extended chords like dominant 9ths and altered dominants (#9) to play endless variations on the blues songs you already know…
  • How to use chord embellishments to get the Eric Clapton/SRV sound that gives your playing that instant “WOW!” factor...
  • The coveted “walk-up” technique that instantly transforms your playing from raw-rookie to grizzled blues-veteran!
  • Powerful pinky-embellishments and simple palm-muting that make your blues playing sizzle…
  • The open power-chord-blues -- what strings to strum and why -- and how to get that authentic blues-rock blues anywhere on the fretboard…
  • The one surefire way to guarantee your playing gets better each and every day automatically
  • How to put it all together and become a complete, blues guitar player, who’s confident, bold and ready to play almost any style...

About Steve Stine

9 reviews for Blues Guitar

  1. Anthony Carter

    First of all the Blues Guitar course is very thorough, from the basic things such as strum patterns and learning notes on different strings, through to chord chasing, using hybrid scales and building licks by combining different embellishments such as slides, bends, hammer-ons etc. Steve is a good teacher because he has a feel for the things that many find hard to grasp, so takes the time to cover them from different angles. There is a wealth of very useful material in this course that continues to be a reference source for me. For those who like the blues and want to learn to sound better than half decent, I whole-heartedly recommend this course.
    Anthony Carter

  2. Mark Gallagher

    Blues Guitar has dramatically enhanced my understanding of the many ways to play blues all over the fretboard. From cool turnarounds, walk ups and downs, new chords, new phrasings, interconnectivity of scales, and most importantly, new rhythms, the course has captivated my interest and energized me to practice and learn daily! Learning at my own pace, but my friends noticed within a week or so of my starting Blues Guitar, that my playing was significantly improved! I am not quite halfway through the course. I highly recommend Blues Guitar for new players and old (like me). Steve’s teaching is worth your time and your money!

  3. Duane Hoagland

    Helping me learn the basics of blues. Good exercises to improve my skills Learning some whys in addition to the how to

  4. Marcio Carvalho

    I am in the middle of Blues Guitar course now and loving it.
    It is amazing how Steve Stine is able to transmit his knowledge in an easy to understand way.
    What I like in this curse is that I can go through the theory behind but in parallel immediately start to improve my skills with the solos and other materials that comes with.
    Also, Steve has many tricks that give us a short cut to learn (for example on how to memorize the notes on each string).
    I do recommend this course.

  5. Paul Craven

    Hi just a quick note to say that I am really enjoying Steve’s Blues course. At present I am about 40% through it and am really impressed with Steve’s knowledge and teaching style. He just exudes enthusiasm which is great to keep up the motivation during this wretched Covid-19 period. I have learnt a great deal from this course, it is structured in a very logical way, building upon earlier steps. This gives you the confidence when the jamming tracks come around. This is the third Guitar Zoom course I have purchased and I can heartily recommend them. Cheers from Wales U.K.


    I can only tell you this, the mystery is history!
    I always wondered how guitar players knew exactly where to go on the fretboard and how everything connected together in any key. Unlocking the fretboard was the start!
    Now, learning(and playing!) the 12 bar blues, 7th chords for blues, blues licks, and tracks to practice along with has given me MANY hours of satisfaction. Sometimes I cannot believe its me playing along!
    I like how the blues course is set up. If you have taken other courses with Steve, there are some basics that are repeated, but that is a good thing. Steve is a master at delivering the subject matter in a way that it flows and it all makes sense. Dont skip a thing, even if you think you know it, and replay it as many times as you need.
    I look forward to many more courses in the Guitar Zoom library.
    Thanks to all the people who work to put these courses together, its a college education at home.
    Keep the Blues Alive!

  7. Jerryl Bell

    Steve is a great teacher. I’m learning a lot on how to play the blues not only on my electric guitar but also on my acoustic guitar!!! Thanks Steve!!!

  8. Ron Cox

    Hi Steve
    Your blues guitar course is fantastic,it is by far the best course I have bought.
    Lessons I’ve got from other people aren’t a patch on yours you are brilliant teacher.
    I will definitely be downloading some more courses in the near future.
    Thanks and keep well from Ron in Derbyshire UK

  9. Richard Thomas

    I am about half way through the course and already feeling tremendous benefit. I am a intermediate classical guitarist wanting to learn electric guitar blues and I would recommend this course to anyone who is happy to learn and experiment. The tutorials are just the right length and with a the right amount of practical theory I can now jam my own 12 bar blues from scratch. very, very happy!

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