Blues Licks
by Steve Stine

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Blues Licks is an easy guide to creating authentic blues solos where you’ll learn licks in the style of Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, Joe Bonamassa, and other legends.
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1 Easy Blues Lick

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In Blues Licks

Module 1

  • How to tune your guitar the fast and easy way, so you can always sound your best when you play. (HINT: Being in tune is CRUCIAL.)
  • 3 essential soloing skills every blues guitarist MUST know: hammer-ons, pull-offs, and trills. And how to perform them the “right” way, so your solos sound authentic from beginning to end.
  • How to perform a variety of string bends, like anchor bends, unison bends, and “blues” bends. And discover how B.B. King made his guitar “sing” with string bends.
  • How to create sweet-sounding vibrato and use it with any lick. So you can add a more “vocal” sound to your licks and solos.

Module 2

  • Advanced bending techniques such as harmony bends, reverse bends and double stops. So you can add serious flavor and “twang” to your licks and take your solos to a whole new level.
  • How to add chromatic notes to major pentatonic licks. So you can create dynamic blues licks that sound amazing.
  • How to cross strings effectively and smoothly. Which means, you’ll play killer blues licks across multiple strings with confidence and precision.

Module 3

  • 1 simple trick called “chord chasing.” And how you can use it to solo over ANY chord progression.
  • A smokin’ hot blues lick in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan. And how to use this legendary bluesman’s techniques in your own playing.
  • Essential blues turnarounds, so you can play a complete blues progression from beginning to end.
  • Discover how finding the “root” note lets you play the same lick in any position. So you can solo with complete freedom... and confidence.
  • Proper bending using two and three fingers
  • The right and wrong way move through scale-patterns
  • How to play the same lick in different octaves
  • How to play a lick vertically and horizontally
  • And how to use articulation to completely change the sound of lick
  • 7-note major and minor scales (sometimes called “diatonic”)
  • The pentatonic major and minor
  • The blues scale
  • Hybrid scales
  • And the Dorian mode
  • You’ll also learn how to plan your solo from start-to-finish
  • How to be more expressive in your playing
  • How to avoid having your solo sound like a scale
  • And how to modify the licks to match the feel of a song...
  • Alternate picking patterns
  • How to substitute the Dorian mode for the minor scale
  • How to use “blue notes” to give your solos a bluesy-feel
  • 3-note per string licks
  • How to use chromatic notes to jazz-up your leads
  • Pinch-harmonics
  • Pick-slides
  • Two-string hammer-ons and pull-offs
  • And a few other goodies that you’ll have to see to believe...

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