Blues Licks
by Steve Stine

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(34 customer reviews)

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Blues Licks is an easy guide to creating authentic blues solos where you’ll learn licks in the style of Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, Joe Bonamassa, and other legends.
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Here’s What You’ll Discover In Blues Licks

Module 1

  • How to tune your guitar the fast and easy way, so you can always sound your best when you play. (HINT: Being in tune is CRUCIAL.)
  • 3 essential soloing skills every blues guitarist MUST know: hammer-ons, pull-offs, and trills. And how to perform them the “right” way, so your solos sound authentic from beginning to end.
  • How to perform a variety of string bends, like anchor bends, unison bends, and “blues” bends. And discover how B.B. King made his guitar “sing” with string bends.
  • How to create sweet-sounding vibrato and use it with any lick. So you can add a more “vocal” sound to your licks and solos.

Module 2

  • Advanced bending techniques such as harmony bends, reverse bends and double stops. So you can add serious flavor and “twang” to your licks and take your solos to a whole new level.
  • How to add chromatic notes to major pentatonic licks. So you can create dynamic blues licks that sound amazing.
  • How to cross strings effectively and smoothly. Which means, you’ll play killer blues licks across multiple strings with confidence and precision.

Module 3

  • 1 simple trick called “chord chasing.” And how you can use it to solo over ANY chord progression.
  • A smokin’ hot blues lick in the style of Stevie Ray Vaughan. And how to use this legendary bluesman’s techniques in your own playing.
  • Essential blues turnarounds, so you can play a complete blues progression from beginning to end.
  • Discover how finding the “root” note lets you play the same lick in any position. So you can solo with complete freedom... and confidence.
  • Proper bending using two and three fingers
  • The right and wrong way move through scale-patterns
  • How to play the same lick in different octaves
  • How to play a lick vertically and horizontally
  • And how to use articulation to completely change the sound of lick
  • 7-note major and minor scales (sometimes called “diatonic”)
  • The pentatonic major and minor
  • The blues scale
  • Hybrid scales
  • And the Dorian mode
  • You’ll also learn how to plan your solo from start-to-finish
  • How to be more expressive in your playing
  • How to avoid having your solo sound like a scale
  • And how to modify the licks to match the feel of a song...
  • Alternate picking patterns
  • How to substitute the Dorian mode for the minor scale
  • How to use “blue notes” to give your solos a bluesy-feel
  • 3-note per string licks
  • How to use chromatic notes to jazz-up your leads
  • Pinch-harmonics
  • Pick-slides
  • Two-string hammer-ons and pull-offs
  • And a few other goodies that you’ll have to see to believe...

About Steve Stine

34 reviews for Blues Licks

  1. Chris Jarvis

    Fantastic course for learning a number of licks and how to further develop them to build an even bigger repertoire. Steve’s coaching style is legendary and in this course he not only shows you the basic licks but explains how you can develop them and actively encourages you to do so. This is where the change from making some scale runs over chords to building melodic solos, begins.

  2. Michael

    I have been using this course now for a while. It’s really good. I’m nowhere near being the guitarist I want to be but, in the last couple of months I have improve beyond recognition. Steve’s teaching style is like no other. I can’t recommend this course enough. Thanks Steve

  3. John Collins

    I found this course great. You can take as much out of it as you want, keep coming back for more when you have time. It gets more challenging as you progress which is good as it helps you get better. I found i kept using the same licks on different patterns. Even throwing in 1 or 2 new ones from here has helped give a solo a totally new flavor.
    Cant recommend this course enough.
    Steve is a great teacher and has a calm approach to getting the information across.

  4. Frank O’Connor

    I love it. It’s like a road map. He Makes it fun to play. Bot only does he show you the lick, but he also explains it. Also he he gives you ideas on how you can change things to make it yours.

    Frank O’Connor

  5. matthew lees

    After completing fretboard connection course i felt ready to put some nice blues licks into my scales i have learnt.
    Blues licks is definitely the best way to go, easy to follow and steve makes learning these licks so easy. highly recommend this course to anyone that is at early stages playing that wsnts to have some fun playing.

  6. Brian Britt

    Can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed Steve’s courses. Steve is an excellent teacher and his demeanor is inspiring. Not sure if I’ll ever be the guitar player I want to be but Steve has definitely made me better just in the last few months.

  7. Kent Lundström

    The course is like dictionary. As I don,t remember a lick I played for a while it,s smooth to look again when I need it.


    I must admit that I have been playing on and off for 45 years. Steve is an amazing teacher! I was taught to read the actual notes instead of tab back in my day I am wondering if there are still songbooks out there that apply the notes and the tab. Not to get off of the subject, I am in a really bad rut with learning how to get around on the fret board. I don’t really have scales memorized. I usually play what I feel. I need a course that my old ass can understand and not confuse me too bad. I had an accident in 2017 that left me with some crappy memory loss. I really want to learn how to get around on the fret board play some cool licks, and chords. I need to learn the pentatonic scale first, I guess??? I would like to take a course, but am on disability and finances are limited. I would appreciate your help. Once again, Steve is fantastic! I would also like to get some kind of affordable jam track machine to help me out. Can you recommend a good one, but not too pricey? Keep up the good work. Steve is the best teacher that I have found, and I have seen many. ROCK & ROLL Brother! Stay Safe & well my friend! PEACE, Brian Bowers

  9. serge martein

    This is highly recommended for those who want to master the blues.
    and in combination with the music theory course is a wealth of information .
    Thank you steve you are the best

  10. Marinus Van Merkesteijn

    I think the course is excellent for me as Steve breaks down blues riffs so that it can be learned and used. Steve gets rid of the mystique of playing and helps you to play better and with more confidence.

  11. Taylorworldhq

    This is really a satisfying class. I picked it up after finishing Steve’s “Blues Solos Made Easy” course. Both are perfectly good stand-alone courses, but the two go really well together. The Riffs course helped me cement the skills taught in the soloing course – it helps to have Steve walk you through some cool licks. Most lessons are pretty quick, and there is a temptation to blast through and just copy the riffs from Steve, but resist the urge and spend some time with each lesson. There is a lot there. The videos are all high quality, the tabs are solid, and Steve is an excellent teacher. Well worth the time and money.

  12. Tom Hart

    There’s so much great stuff in this course! I’ve been working on it on and off for weeks (mixing it in with my other courses), and although I’ve covered quite a few of the topics, there’s still so much more to come, a real gold mine, and I’m so looking forward to it. Steve’s such a gifted teacher, and – of course – a great guitarist. It’s a rare combination, and we’re lucky to be able to take advantage of that!

  13. Dave Allsopp

    Hey Steve,

    As with all your courses, Blues Licks is a fantastic course, which I learn a lot in a relatively short amount of time.

    I have 40 ‘something’ GuitarZoom courses now which I’m getting through 👍🏻

    I’ve started the new course ‘Blues Guitar’ now, which I can’t put down.

    Keep up the brilliant work that you do Steve 👍🏻🇬🇧🎸

    Thank you

  14. Mike Cottrell

    The blues licks course has transformed my playing. I look forward to practicing every day now and for the first time I’m comfortable with soloing. I can highly recommend this course. Steve is as good as they come.

  15. Johnny Rigsby

    I have played guitar since I was about 10yrs old. Was given formal scale, chords, and music reading lessons, very young…never progressed beyond average. Went through a number of yrs w/o a guitar, but approaching retirement, I decided I needed a guitar back in my life.

    It was at that time I discovered Guitar Zoom. The Blues Licks course has been incredible and has taken me to new highs in my playing and music understanding capabilities. Nothing about the courses have been unneccessary or of no use. I am only about 50% of the way through the courses and find myself devouring every single part, excited to get to the next lesson!

    Thank you so much to Steve, a very gifted instructor!

  16. Michael LaFlamme

    I was great, but looking back I should have taken the Music Theory for Life first ……but I didn’t .

    Music Theory for Life has giving me a better understanding with the scales, caged system, which I never knew because I played only by ear playing chords.

    I need to revisit the Blues Licks again. I am sure I will get a lot more out of it this time and really use the licks to better use.

    Now I am working on the Blues Guitar, going to be busy trying to put these lessons into practice.

  17. Mark

    Hi Steve, I’m a slow starter. but this is very good for me. I’m learning a lot too. thanks for putting this together.

  18. Ron Schack

    Excellent as always

  19. Frank Donahue

    I think all Steve’s courses are Awesome,But i got ahead of myself and decided i needed the music theory course first And i am now working on the blues guitar course but i am definitely Glad i purchased the blues lick course

  20. Paul Collins

    Steve explains everything step by step that makes it all easier to sink in, this course shows you how it all fits together, I highly recommend it to anyone. It’s not just the playing, it also gives you the knowledge.
    Cheers Steve

  21. Lubos Vaclav

    Hi Steve,

    all is clearly explained, this course is great not only for the blues guitarist.

  22. Steve Moulton

    I like the videos and the description but it be nice to be able to slow down the speed sometimes like you can do on you tube videos.

  23. Keith Ward

    For me, without a doubt Steve coveys his passion for teaching and playing the guitar especially when it comes to his recently structured Blues Licks course. Lots of content with an easy to understand approach, leaving you with confidence and an appetite for more. Keith W (UK).

  24. Christian Schnura

    Like all Steve courses, this course is clearly structured and easy to understand for everyone. The motivation to play the guitar is always very good and it is a lot of fun ….

    I hope that my rating is correct, I give the highest rating ….

  25. Bruno Santos

    Amazing delivery on every advice and how Steve teaches. By far one of the best online teacher in the US. Thank you

  26. lee Mitton

    Just started the blues licks course. So far great easy to follow instruction and great sounding first lick

  27. Ross McLeod

    Jimmy Page, Robin Trower, Angus Young, Duane Allman, Stevie Ray. All played blues, you can too

  28. Frederico Santos

    Amazing! Steve is one of the best teachers I have ever seen. Everything looks so easy with his lessons.
    I progressed more in one month than in years of learning by myself.
    Totally recommend the Blues Licks and complet it with the other Blues courses !

  29. Michael

    Loved this course. Really helped me step up my game. I feel confident if I ever stumble upon a blues jam or another musician that I can now actually string together a bit of a blues fill or even solo. I felt this course really compliments play blues guitar for life, which provided a solid foundation but was far more focused on the rhythm portion. I feel like from blues licks, I got the essential in the main course and have confidence that I know how to combine, move, and modify licks as needed, and still have WAY more to explore in the modern blues section which I have barely touched. Loved it!

  30. Michael Schaefer

    The Blues Licks course is fantastic. Steve has this course broke down into small understandable sections which makes things much easier to follow along.

  31. Jerryl Bell

    Steve is a great teacher!!!! I’ve learned a lot. I’m a keyboard player and an experienced guitar player and because of his teaching I’ve had some “ahh haaaa” moments…lol. I would like to learn more about melodic minor scales and how to incorporate them in to my playing. I tend to play more jazz and incorporate blues with a bit of a rock influence. Thanks Steve!!!

  32. John Medlock

    Enjoyed it very much.

  33. David Kelley

    Fantastic collection of licks which I have been able to add to my solos right away. Steve is one of the best teachers available, and this course has advanced my blues playing tremendously. Highly recommended.

  34. Robert Guest

    I enjoyed the course and now find myself playing these licks over and over again.

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