Blues Soloing Masterclass
by Steve Stine

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Blues Soloing Masterclass is a 10-week online masterclass that helps new and advanced guitarists master the techniques of blues legends and play authentic blues solos that sound amazing.

  1. You’ll “see” how to play a ton of licks and scales over a 10 week period
  2. You’ll connect these scales to blues progressions and gain an in-depth knowledge of modern blues
  3. You’ll play killer blues solos in the modern style, and you’ll reach a level of creativity you never thought possible
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The Secret Of Intervallic Movement

Relative And Parallel Key Soloing Concepts

“Meandering” Over A 12-Bar Blues Progression

Mastering The Hybrid Scale

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Blues Soloing Masterclass

Week 1

  • 3 reasons why you should learn the blues. It’s inspiring, it has tons of essential musical elements, and it’s consistent. (There’s more details in the course.)
  • How the “I-IV-V” (1-4-5) chord progression is the basis of all blues music. And how to play a basic 12-bar blues progression. So you can start playing the blues right away.
  • Discover essential “vocal” techniques for soloing: string bends, vibrato, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and slides. So you can make your guitar “sing” when you solo.
  • Why the minor pentatonic scale is perfect for blues soloing. And how you can use it as a starting point for any solo.

Week 2

  • Find out how to play essential chord shapes for modern blues. So your chord progressions will have a jazzy, bluesy sound.
  • How to “meander” across the fretboard with pentatonic patterns. So you can play blues licks in any position and solo with freedom.
  • The importance of the “blue” note. How to find it, and how to use it in your solos. (HINT: The blues doesn’t sound “bluesy” without it.)

Week 3

  • How to use the 9th in a minor blues solo. And tips on how to plan ahead with your fingering. So you can add color to your solos.
  • Find out why adding the minor 6th to the pentatonic scale sounds so awesome. And why it sounds better over the IV chord than the I chord.
  • Discover why the major 6th is an essential “color tone” in modern blues fusion. So you can expand the sound and feel of your solos.

Week 4

  • 2 different approaches to meandering. So you can overcome your fretboard limitations and solo with true freedom.
  • How to use phrasing to create dynamic contrast. Which means, your licks will sound fresh and interesting, not repetitive and boring.
  • The critical importance of responding to the music. So you can “meander” and still follow the chord progression.

Week 5

  • Discover how to “morph” minor and major pentatonic into a hybrid scale. So you can add a jazzy sound to your blues solos.
  • How to use the dominant pentatonic scale in your solos. And an explanation of all the notes used in this scale.
  • Examples of jamming with both of these scales, and tips on improvising. So you’ll always have something cool to play.

Week 6

  • Find out how to choose the right scale for your solo. So you can create the right “feel” for the song.
  • How to create “traditional” blues licks with the “B.B. Box.” And creative ways to use string bends, so you can play bluesy licks that scream and sing.
  • How to add chromatic scale elements to your licks and solos. So you can play a flurry of notes and still sound bluesy.

Week 7

  • Discover the crucial concept of shaping. So you can bust out a killer scale pattern anywhere on the fretboard and create fast, fluent phrases.
  • How to create cool runs in relative and parallel keys. Which means, you’ll solo in a different key than the chord progression. (Don’t worry, it sounds AWESOME.)

Week 8

  • Creative ways to use the altered dominant scale. So you can add interesting sounds to your blues licks and solos.
  • How to create cool licks with the altered dominant scale. And how to visualize the fretboard, so the right notes “light up” and you can find them with ease.
  • How to create cool licks and solos with the half whole diminished scale. So you’ll never run out of options when you solo.

Week 9

  • The concept of chromaticism. And how you can use it to really get creative when you play modern blues.
  • Find out how replacing the root can really shake things up. So you can grab the listener’s attention when you play.
  • How to use arpeggios and diminished arpeggios in modern blues. So you can add rapid-fire licks to your blues solos.

Week 10

  • How to play 9 killer blues turnarounds. And tons of pro tips on how to get creative with them.
  • Find out how Steve gets his awesome guitar tones. So you can dial in the right tone and sound amazing when you play.

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