Chord Chasing Mastery
by Steve Stine

4.80 out of 5
(15 customer reviews)

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Create Melodic Guitar Solos For Any Style With Steve Stine’s Easy 3-Step Plan:

  1. Visualize - See the fretboard in a whole new way, so you’ll never hit the “wrong” notes again
  2. Connect - Create chord licks across the entire fretboard, so you can break free from boring scales and patterns
  3. Play - You’ll play melodic guitar solos without thinking… and just let the music flow from your fingertips

Includes: 1 ½ hours of HD videos, PDF tab book and access to our private Facebook group

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1 Must Know Technique For Blues Soloing

1 Easy Way To Create Killer Harmonies

#1 Secret For Melodic Guitar Solos

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Chord Chasing Mastery

Module 1

  • An intro to the “chord chasing” concept, so you can start to visualize chord and scale patterns on your guitar… even if you don’t know music theory
  • The basics of the CAGED system, which you can use to connect chords to create red hot licks across the fretboard
  • Find out how chords and scales overlap on the fretboard, so you can create awesome arpeggio licks for your guitar solos

Module 2

  • How to create a cool melody using note chasing. Which means, you’ll have always have something hot to play for your guitar solos.
  • Why it’s critical to target chord tones and not just roots in your guitar solos, so you don’t get “stuck” playing a bad note
  • How to solo over common chord structures, such as 5th and 6th string barre chords, so you can solo comfortably across the fretboard.

Module 3

  • Find out how to create melodies over a blues progression with chord chasing. So you can play bluesy solos in any key.
  • How to target chord tones outside the pentatonic scale and use them creatively for you guitar solos.
  • How the CAGED system can skyrocket your soloing options, so you can play awesome melodies without “jumping around” on the fretboard

Module 4

  • Advice on how to improvise killer licks between chord changes, so you can build tension and excitement when you play
  • 1 killer example of improvising with chord chasing, so you can follow along and get inspired

Module 5

  • How to create harmonies with chord chasing. So you can create melodies that sound amazing together.
  • How to create sparkling melodic lines, so you can play solos that actually have something to say.

About Steve Stine

15 reviews for Chord Chasing Mastery

  1. Kent Lundström

    I am soon at the half of the course and I think it is a good complementary to other courses. I,m on Play Guitar for Life, Modes Made Easy Masterclass, Creative Fretboard and more in the same time. I got much more courses and I think Steve is a very great guitar teacher. It,s like having a friend showing you how to do it. The best part, you can replay and he never gets tired.
    Thanks Steve and Dan.

  2. Gary Burgess

    All I can say is wow! Thank you Steve! I used to play a lot of guitar when I was younger and took a long sabbatical due to work and family commitments. It used to take me months to work out new solos and really get them sounding somewhat close to the original. Now that I have picked up the guitar again and using Steve’s courses, especially ‘Chord Chasing Mastery’, I can play solos with tons more feel and work out songs in a few hours rather than months. Learning at this speed sure makes guitar playing fun rather than hard work. Even my wife doesn’t mind me practicing for hours now that I sound half decent. Thanks Steve! You rock!

  3. David Overton

    I have been invited to review the Chord Chasing Mastery course but I have not yet started that course. I purchased a bundle of Guitar Zoom courses from a ad on Facebook and the courseware is changing my life. I have played mostly acoustic guitar and some electric guitar for years but never took the time to learn music theory or master soloing on an electric. That all changed a few years ago when I became an “empty nester” and made a life decision to become serious about guitar mastery. I began studying music theory and was quickly confused when trying to get the practical application of the theory transferred to the guitar…

    Guitar Zoom and Steve Stine’s Fretboard Connection bundle that I purchased have changed my life. I now have the Pentatonic Connection course mastered and have started to develop my own soloing techniques. I haven’t yet mastered the Diatonic Connection course nor looked into the Chord Chasing Mastery course, but I still gave this survey a 5-star rating because ALL the techniques taught in this courseware are easy to understand and apply. As I said, it is life changing. Thank You for that!

  4. Florin Adrian Popescu


  5. Paul Grouette

    Dan Denley
    Sep 26 at 9:30 PM
    Hi Dan, First off I want you to know that I truly appreciate the lessons you and Steve offer. I did purchase a lesson from Guitar Zoom and It really helped me get started again. I am 62 years old and am no longer able to work at a trade that I worked at for more than 30 years. When I was a young teen I bought a Fender strat from a local music store in my home town and they even let me make small payments to pay it off. Anyway, that guitar went through a fierce exchange of string replacement while I tried to train myself to play it. We didn’t have internet back in those days and nobody privately to teach, except my junior high school music director if he had time, He usually didn’t. That ole Fender sat in a closet for years and years until I found myself unable to work. so I took it out and delivered it to a nearby guitar store that had a tech and they groomed and revived my old guitar. Enough rambling. What I am trying to say is now that I have my guitar back in my hands and nothing to do, I was looking on the internet for guitar tabs and found a Steve Stine video. From there I ordered the Chord Chasing Mastery program from Guitar Zoom and have loved every minute of it. I have been looking into that Membership deal you offered but I’m so sorry my limited income will not allow me to participate in it. So I keep looking for you guys on that YouTube page on the computer and even those little clips are gigantic with guitar playing knowledge, plus Guitar Zoom customer service introduced me to Guitar Zoom Community. I simply just want to thank you guys for helping to influence a broke down old man to pick up an old love of holding a guitar in his hands that he really enjoys learning to play all over again, only this time with lessons on the right way to do it. Thanks again…………Paul Gov Grouette.

  6. Douglas Matson

    Thanks for asking , Yes I do believe it one of Steve’s best, I also have been playing for , Well then I’d be telling my age ! Lets just say I had a great 4 days at Woodstock Day early Had to help Krammer . anyway yes it’s a great course. I do also like Music Theory for Life Master class I keep referring to it also Thanks again Doug Matson Dunnellon FL.

  7. Paul St Jean

    I actually haven’t started it yet. I’m sure it’s an awesome course. I haven’t been let down yet!

  8. Jay Meeboer

    If Steve Stine’s name is on it, only then is this course worth your time and money …. period.

  9. Joseph MCGEE

    I ;love Chord Chasing Mastery. I’m working it slowly and doing lots of practice with the backing tracks. Great course.

  10. Cleber Rocha

    Steve Stine is by far the best guitar teacher in the world. His patient, pont of view, knoledge e way of teaching is unique. The way he speaks is fabulous. English is not even my native languge but I’m able to understand everythig he speaks. A true professor. I have only given 4 stars to this course because I think it’s too expensive for a so short course. The subect itself does not allow a very long course, so it wouldn’t make sense for it to be longer, so I think the price should walk beside it and be lower.

  11. Friend Connor

    Hey guys life is hell right now! Can’t do more than a warmup!12hour days, on my day job, just doesn’t end, but the mind dousn’t stop! it does ,it works! 5 minutes, sucks, but it’s all i got right now!

  12. Gregory Veenhuizen

    Thanks Dan and Steve for the great course ” Chord Chasing Mastery” I learned so many things that I didn’t know. I am a accomplished guitar player and have many of your courses. I recommend many of your courses to anyone that really want to learn what playing guitar is all about. I have never received a course ( and that is many) that has not taught me something new and unique something that I wished I had known before. Thanks guy’s for the great courses and keep on rockin!

    Scott V.

  13. Nick Milnor

    Thanks for asking guys. I first stumbled across Steve on Facebook. I began watching his videos and realized that this was something different. Steve is a great teacher. I think he could teach just about any subject in the world and be successful. I’m 54 and have been playing guitar since I was 12. With some periods where I didn’t pick it up at all for a few years. I have three kids and I am a sports injury chiropractor with three clinics.

    So there are days and weeks where I don’t play that much. However I’ve played more in the last year than I have in the last 20. When I used to put a needle on the record and then just try to figure it out that was fun and ignited something inside of me that still burns. Now we have YouTube. And instead of a week I can learn a song in a day.

    However I was still playing by ear. What Steve has done is he has begun to unlock the fret board puzzle that both intrigues in haunts all of us who play guitar. Steve is hands-down the best guitar instructor I have ever seen or heard. I recommend him to everybody I know the plays the guitar. . Steve you truly have a gift and I really appreciate the time, the care and the effort you put into every video.

    Your words of advice along the way are much appreciated. I love how you say hey guys you don’t have to go away for three years and learn all this and then come back. You can learn as you go. Also there are “project songs” and fun songs. Hotel California and breaking the law are my two examples.

    I’ve been meaning to reach out to you guys for a long time. And tell you how much I really appreciate and how much I’ve enjoyed falling in love with guitar all over again. Steve you are a large part of that process and I will continue to learn and finish the course I have purchased. And I’ll be back for more. Don’t worry.

    And I know this feedback is going on forever but I have to add that I love the Beatles, all the 70s hard rock, all the metal of the 80s and all the way up to lamb of God. Because of my age I have a unique musical perspective and I can play Bob Marley redemption song right after I play for whom the bell tolls. Good music is good music. No matter the genre. But I do have a soft spot for hard rock and heavy metal. Thanks guys!!!

  14. Lorne A Hussey

    Steve’s patient style and experience, creates an excellent course for people like myself that can play lots of songs but have little theory or technical skill.
    worth every penny. Lorne

  15. Kevin McCleese (verified owner)

    Probably the most practical and useful courses I’ve purchased. Love it!

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