Creative Soloing
by Steve Stine

4.90 out of 5
(10 customer reviews)

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All New, Fast And Easy Guide to Help You Start Playing Creative, Mind-Bending Solos In The Shortest Time Possible - Even If You’re A Solo Newbie
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Here’s What You’ll Discover In Creative Soloing

Module 1

  • How to use “escape routes” to connect ideas and play musical solos across the fretboard without getting stuck.
  • 5 picking patterns every lead guitar player must know.
  • #1 mistake keeping you from reaching your full potential on the guitar (and how to avoid it).
  • A simple 3-step soloing formula that trains your brain to hit the right notes even if you don’t know scale patterns.
  • How to use phrasing and dynamics to play authentic solos that never sound like a “boring” scale.
  • How to “meander” your way into finding new licks.
  • One simple 3-note per string pattern to play lightning fast licks even if you struggle with alternate picking.
  • How to create a groove that tells a story in your solos.
  • A huge collection of licks (with tabs) that you can mix and match to play creative solos that don’t sound like anyone else.

Module 2

  • How to build an impressive guitar solo from the ground up, the right you have a proven plan to begin and end your solos with a bang.
  • #1 way to visualize and connect scales across the fretboard
  • One inside secret that makes it easy to “sing with your hands.” So your solos sound like real music instead of a scale.
  • How and when to use effects pedals in your guitar solos. So your audience can hear every note you play and your guitar playing can shine.
  • A cool palm muting trick that makes it shockingly simple to create killer rock licks from scratch.
  • 2 must know soloing skills that will transform boring, repetitive riffs into crowd-pleasing ear candy you’ll be proud to share with friends and family.
  • The magic of triplet arpeggios to help you burn up the fretboard even if you can’t pick fast.
  • How to triple your playing speed with alternate picking. So you can play fast… and smooth.
  • 17 hot guitar licks you can mix and match to build confidence and improve your soloing today.

About Steve Stine

10 reviews for Creative Soloing

  1. Carlos Santos

    Great Job on this course Steve.I been with you jammin with Guitarzoom since 2015 and The creative outlet that you give helps make the pentatonic and diatonic connection make sense.truly I believe hard work will bring it all together along with imagination in seeing the fretboard when taken as a prerequisite to the” Creative Soloing rock teacher!

  2. Jeffrey Friedler

    Steve is an incredible teacher. The course is well organized, like all of his courses. It isn’t a theory course, but instead gives us options to approach soloing and pursuing your own style. The video and downloads are of high quality as always. There’s a lot of great material in this one.

  3. Peter Butler

    Steve. A big thank you for Creative Soloing it just helps you connect with the fretboard and not being restricted to one position. I’m currently working with A minor pentatonic, and referring to Escape Routes, using slides different type of bends Hammer ons to reach to a new position, trying to understand this concept being able to connect and visualise the fretboard.Its also great having a number of licks that you can practice this is good fun, it’s just a well organised coarse.I would like to take this opportunity to thank you so much for all your amazing work, and your teaching. Many thanks Peter.

  4. paul Connor

    I am 70 years old and have always wanted a) to play guitar but also) to understand music – Steve’s courses have changed my life – they are well organized, fun and each module wants you to absorb more.
    “Creative Soloing” has been another excellent add on to his other courses. Self isolation is no problem with Steve’s courses, the hours tick by with enjoyment.

  5. Felipe Angel

    I am a very pasionate but not very proficient guitar player. I am over 40 and start playing not a long a go, and this curses gave me the opportunity to improve faster and with a complete understanding of the theorical bases to basically do and play whatever i want. The best teacher i ever had. Thank you guys

  6. Robert

    Hi guys
    Started this course since 2 months, working full time and trying to cope with this course. Its offering an opening on soloing with a new perspective, so far im nailing the intro and getting pump up by these melodic lines in the solo, addictive
    -:] Robert


    Purchased creative soloing about a month ago (my first from Steve), it’s an incredibly well put together course, the great thing about it is, you actually discover what your not good at and Steve shows you numerous different ways to combat it, the wonderful thing about Steve’s teaching method is he shows you your options but never ever says ” you must do it this way. Find the ways that suits you best”. I’ve watched a lot of the instructional video content and the high definition videos are superb and the download material is great coupled with the jam tracks I think it’s well worth the money.
    To be honest I’ve just scratched the surface of the course and I can see a difference in my playing.
    This is not a theory course at all, it just gives you lots of options on how to approach your guitar playing. It’s certainly changed the way I think!.
    If your serious about guitar you should seriously consider this course
    5 stars from me

  8. Mitch Cassel

    Very impressed with this course. I’ve tried some other on line guitar courses and find these to be the best, hands down. I’ll start by saying I rated myself as a high intermediate to early advanced player with a solid foundation in theory going in to this, and was a bit skeptical because of previous experience being disappointedwith on line courses. Certainly not the case here. Lessons are well thought out and the material is comprehensive and relevant to the areas where I want to improve. And presented in a manner that is both thoughtful and fun. I have 2 courses now, Creative Soloing and Rock Licks, and have plenty of material to keep me busy for a while! I’m really excited about the process I am making with these courses. I like that they are targeted at specific skill sets so you can get exactly what you want. Find some that are right for you. Highly recommend!

  9. Jerryl Bell

    I love this course especially since I’m more of a blues/jazz guitar player. This and other courses gave me the aha moment.
    Steve is a great teacher!!!

  10. John Robinson

    This is an excellent course and extremely well done and organized, as all of Steve’s courses are. This course is geared for that intermediate player, or that highly motivated beginner, that has some knowledge of soloing and wants to take it to the next level. If you want to play and develop your own style and kind of melodic solos that fit within a wide range, and not simply copy songs, this is the course your looking for. Steve, being the incredible instructor he is, shows players how to crawl, then walk, and with a little practice, has them up and running in no time.

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