Easy Jazz Guitar
by Jon Rudolph

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Play Jazz Guitar And Improvise With Confidence With Jon Rudolph's Easy 3-Step Plan:

  1. Visualize - You’ll “see” how to play jazz chords and hear what makes jazz unique
  2. Connect - You’ll connect new chords and concepts to chord progressions you already know
  3. Play - You’ll play jazz guitar with confidence and style, and you’ll improvise melodic solos on-the-fly.

Includes: 2.5 hours of HD videos, PDF tab book and access to our private Facebook group

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Expand Your Blues With Jazz Chord Voicings

How To Add A “Jazzy” Feel To Minor Pentatonic

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Easy Jazz Guitar

Module 1 -- Jazz Harmony

  • An introduction to jazz. What it’s all about, and tips for listening to it and understanding it. So you can expand your listening skills as well as your playing skills.
  • How to play jazz “grips” for dominant 7th chords, as well as other jazz chords. So you can play jazzy rhythms with confidence.
  • Find out how to “jazz up” blues harmonies with just a few changes. Which means, you can switch from blues to jazz with ease.
  • Discover how the I-iv-ii-V (1-6-2-5) turnaround is crucial to jazz. And get pro tips on fingering, so you can quickly change between new chords.

Module 2 -- Jazz Improvisation

  • A discussion on jazz phrasing. How it’s different from phrasing in other styles of music. (HINT: Listening to jazz is CRUCIAL to understanding it.)
  • How to approach a jazz solo, and how to prepare yourself for improvising. So you can create melodies on-the-fly and sound awesome.
  • 3 examples of jazz improvisation, and commentary on the different elements of each improvisation. So you can start improvising over your favorite jazz progressions.
  • Pro tips on when to play what, so you can jump right in and improvise with confidence.

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