Fretboard Mastery
by Steve Stine

4.73 out of 5
(15 customer reviews)

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Here’s What You’ll Discover In Fretboard Mastery

  • In this course, you'll work directly with Steve Stine to build an "All-Star"-level understanding of the fretboard that skyrockets your soloing creativity and revolutionizes not only your guitar playing... but your confidence to play guitar in front of family and friends.
  • Unlock Steve’s quick and easy 5-step system for connecting scales, chords, arpeggios and modes to create amazing guitar solos across the fretboard that will wow the crowd at your next jam session
  • Craft a solo from start to finish so your fingers will nail every note without any fear or hesitation...Literally, you just close your eyes and let the music flow.
  • Improve every aspect of your guitar playing (including the skills 99% of guitarists don't think of) in order stand out from the crowd and get more live gigs.
  • Get a proven practice routine that Steve developed to unlock your fretboard and unleash your true guitar playing potential in just a few minutes per day.

About Steve Stine

15 reviews for Fretboard Mastery

  1. James Keenan

    I have been and I’m still impressef by Steve’s sincerity

  2. Jack Donoghue

    Hi, Steve.
    Fretboard Mastery is one of the MOST USEFUL courses I’ve done. I used it to link up things I had no clue about before taking the course and it’s there if I ever forget something.

    Thanks for creating the course. I greatly appreciate it.

  3. Keith Ward

    I have been learning with you for over a year now and have progressed from beginner to a confident intermediate player. learning the fretboard in such detail has helped me with many of the other courses I am studying with you, especially modes and soloing. Steve, thanks for being a brilliant teacher. Definitely money well spent.
    Keith UK

  4. Joshua Pegg

    Indeed I bought the courses fretboard mastery and solos made easy 2.0,but the fretboard mastery well it’s still going on and I’m finding it hard to get the scales and how to make that chunky sound you make, I’ve purchased an ibanerez floyd rose a Fender stratocaster elite series with a satin blue metallic finish and all 3 pick up into play with the push button, I also have a Gold Top les paul style guitar and an acoustic I bought when I started all this over 20 years ago, I’m finding the more time I spend with you I find out more but I’m struggling as I don’t get to use the webinar as I’m in The UK Scotland. I think what would help me is closeups on the fretboard and major looks at how you and others hold a pick to meander and to try to speed pick, I’m having real difficulty with meandering around, hitting a sharp or a flat and going of the notes, I stuck to the one song at a time using YouTube sadly and then I had to just do a song to prove I could still play guitar, I also purchased a plethora of pedals my favourite being the keely darkside effect pedal, I play pink floyd especially David Gilmour style but there’s a special thing you do Steve and I just can’t seem to master it, it’s like a double stop chunky with a bend or Hanmer on pull offs. Maybe I could get some one on one time, I’d love that so I could ask you questions about my solos made easy, I’m really only a master of the pentatonic at the 5th fret 1st position minor pentatonic and I’m just beginning to move it to the 8th and 9th and 10th and 12th frets on my scale board. I must say for a beginner it’s spot on for intermediate like me it’s a tad too talky for me, I like to get into the fiber detail when soloing and using other guitarists to learn more styles of music and meandering, but as I say to sum up with it all, you’ve done a great job Steve, I only wish I could speak to someone who is great on the guitar to help me master my fretboard skills etc.
    Love the courses I’ve purchased but still I feel I’m not seeing the magic tricks, like a magician who doesn’t give his secrets away, but I thought I’d paid for the magic, however your great at explaining, pretty fast though when playing, I think if you slow it right down and use camera angles to show exactly what your doing with backing tracks on the fretboard as I’ve got a looper with alot of backing tracks on it and I just happened to be playing with the Time solo of Pink Floyd’s Time and my mum visited and it brought her to tears, so your obviously doing a grand job in helping me to solo and master my fretboard. I don’t like the fact people get for free stuff on YouTube that I’ve brought and paid for as I think they should have to pay to see the magic just like me.
    Thank you for your time and patience with me, I am disabled and the guitar is all I have in my life and home. Thank you Steve Stine your inspiration is formidable. Love you brother God bless you all at Guitar Zoom.

  5. Keith Davis

    Great course, wish I had something like this when I first started out playing(1969). Only wished the download came as a book I could purchase


    Felt the course was in depth and yet easy to follow and execute. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks.

  7. Raymon

    I enjoyed this course very much. I am practising this when I am trying to
    find notes on tab songs. All the courses that I get from Guitar Zoom especially from Steve are great and keep me busy going back over to see if I missed anything.

  8. Clate Simerly

    I joined guitarzoom in jan 2019 after seeing a steve stine video on youtube . ever since then ive bought just about every one of his courses and my dashboard is packed with over 100 classes….as for the fretboard mastery courses, it is an essential tool that has totally brought my playing to a whole new level aswell as impressed my friends with my playing….if your on the fence, then leap with no fear cause its worth ever penny to improve your playing in no time….thanks again steve !!!

  9. Daniel Flores

    A wonderful course! Logical, progressive with many helpful hints to
    master the fretboard.

  10. Roy Phillips

    Hello Steve,

    I’ve enjoyed your teaching and I appreciate it. I went through music theory and several of your teachings which helped me a lot. I’ve been playing the guitar on and off over the past 50 years so I knew how to play but never knew how to play lead. I could never get it. Your teachings have helped me for certain but I want to learn new songs now so that’s what I’m leaning towards. I may always struggle with lead but I’m moving into my retirement years and will have more time to learn.
    Thank you,

  11. Bob Nazaro

    As with all of the courses, Steve has a way of taking the complex and difficult and breaks it down into easy to digest chunks, which makes it so much easier to absorb and to apply to my playing.
    That makes a huge difference to my skill level and playing ability. I play with much more confidence and direction.
    “I actually know what i am doing when playing instead of just winging it.”
    I have taken allot of courses, and what i find i do is to complete the course and then i use them as references when i have a question or want to explore a particular area, whether it be chords, scales, arpeggios. etc.
    It all works and the best part is that the knowledge is always there for my to access it.

  12. Kent Lundström

    It,s a good course. I,m in the middle of it and it,s very comprehensive. It,s a good jump to Theory for Life masterclass.

  13. Janine Benson

    Steve has done an excellent job with this course. I would recommend this course for any person playing guitar as it helps you to learn your fretboard. Having said this you need to put the effort in and practise.

  14. Michael Chaffin

    I’ve played music for years but never really knew what I was playing, it just worked. But Steve has a way of explaining things on the guitar that even a child could do it. I’ve bought a lot of guitar videos and books over the years but never could understand most of them. I can easily follow everything Steve is saying and trying to teach. He is by far the best instructor I’ve ever seen. Get this course, you won’t regret it.

  15. Josh

    Fretboard mastery was very helpful. While I’m far from mastering anything related to guitar, this course helped me make connections I probably would have missed otherwise. I do wish the course went into more detail about seeing chords/triads across the fretboard.

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