Guitar Soloing Masterclass
by Steve Stine

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Guitar Soloing Masterclass is an 8-week online masterclass that gives new and experienced guitarists the skills and knowledge they need to improvise musical guitar solos in any style

  1. You’ll “see” scales and patterns jump out at you across the entire fretboard, so you always know what to play
  2. You’ll discover how to combine them all to create amazing licks and phrases, so your solos sound fluid and melodic
  3. You’ll solo with confidence over any song or chord progression, knowing you have the knowledge and skills of a true musician.
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Critical Hand Synchronization Exercises

1 Wicked Crawling Lick

How To Solo Using 3 Notes

Here’s What You’ll Discover In Guitar Soloing Masterclass

Week 1

  • How to visualize and play all 5 positions of the pentatonic scale across the fretboard. So you’ll never get “stuck” when you solo.
  • The critical difference between major vs. minor pentatonic scales... and when to use them.
  • How to create melodic phrases using simple licks and patterns, so your solos never end up sounding like a “boring” scale.

Week 2

  • 4 must-know string bending techniques, so you can execute them comfortably and always stay in tune.
  • The crucial importance of using vibrato, so you can make your guitar solos really “sing.”
  • How to perfectly execute hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and trills. Which means, you’ll be able to play melodic solos without hesitating.

Week 3

  • Steve’s secret chord chasing technique, which will allow you to create hot solos over any chord progression.
  • Essential pentatonic scale patterns, so you can switch playing positions instantly and spice up your solos.
  • A simple meandering exercise that will skyrocket your creativity.

Week 4

  • The difference between “ego” and “project” songs, and how to use both song types to keep you progressing.
  • Must know picking exercises, so you can build strength and stamina and play guitar longer than you ever thought possible.
  • 1 easy trick that makes alternate picking a snap, so you can play with less effort and get a great sound.

Week 5

  • How to expand the pentatonic scale to add your own style and personality to your solos.
  • Killer intervallic patterns that burn up the fretboard.
  • Discover the magic of the “blue note” (flatted 5), so you can create an authentic “bluesy” sound when you solo.

Week 6

  • Steve’s secret “layering” concept.
  • How to solo effectively over new songs. So you can sound amazing, even if you don’t know a song very well.
  • How to weave guitar licks together with vertical and horizontal movement, which means you’ll never be “stuck” in one position.

Week 7

  • 1 secret trick that will help you figure out the key to any song, so you’ll always know what scales to play.
  • How to use “spread fingering” with the major scale.
  • How to use arpeggios (broken chords) in your solos, so you can emphasize the right notes and sound awesome.

Week 8

  • An introduction to all 7 modes, and how each mode emphasizes a chord (or tone). Which means, each mode creates a specific feel.
  • 1 simple way to memorize modes. So you can emphasize the right notes without thinking.
  • 1 secret trick that will save your solo.

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